FromSoftware Surprisingly Announced Dark Souls III: GGEZ Edition

Written by Chad

April 1, 2017

This features the full game along with all the released DLCs and will include the new 2EZ Mode.

FromSoftware’s Dark Souls III is the final game for the Souls franchise, so that’s why the developer will be releasing a special edition with an added new game mode. Dark Souls III: GGEZ Edition will feature the full game along with the released DLCs, but the main highlight is the new 2EZ mode, where the game will be dramatically adjusted to a much playable difficulty for new players and trophy whores. This means enemies will deal less damage and lower health and they can finally save anywhere without the need of a bonfire.

2EZ Mode will also feature additional health with added regeneration along with a new Estus Flask Infinity item that provides an unlimited usage of the Estus Flask, players will also be able to reverse their deaths with the Rewind function, it cancels their deaths by rewinding to the last part where they got killed to give them another chance to fix their mistake. This is a handy feature for players not familiar with the Souls games in case the adjusted gameplay and improved health were still not enough to keep their characters alive for too long in a boss battle, however the special ‘Rewind’ feature consumes an EZ Coin and in order to get EZ Coins, players must purchase them for $99 per coin at the online store. The GGEZ Edition will also include one free EZ Coin code and a personal note from the developers telling them to git gud.

2EZ Mode was the answer for players who wanted to play the game but felt it was too difficult for them and decided to just sell their copy on a cheaper price so they can purchase premium random boxes on free to play games.

Don’t expect Dark Souls III: GGEZ Edition to see the light of day. Since after all, today is April 1.

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