Ragnarok Online Is Making a Return

Written by Chad

April 2, 2017

Two years after the shutdown, it looks like there is still life left for the once popular MMORPG.

There have been reports that Gravity has signed a licensing agreement to bring back Ragnarok Online to Southeast Asia. According to a report by inews24, a deal has been made to a certain publisher and contract deal was at around 1.1 billion won (USD 1 million / PhP 50 million), the launch will cater to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. The said publisher was revealed to be Electronics Extreme which is a gaming publisher based in Thailand that was founded in 2014.

The company has revived Ragnarok Online for Thailand in 2015 and it garnered at around 100,000 concurrent users, the recent news will eventually be different with the Thailand server. However, there are no details yet if the planned relaunch will cater to all Southeat Asian countries or will it be launched to individual countries. Just recently, a new Facebook page with a ‘Ragnarok Online Philippines‘ name became online, this also bears the Electronics Extreme logo, adding more speculation that there will be a Philippine server available soon.

Ragnarok Online was the first MMORPG to reach the country launched by Level Up! Games and become an instant hit; marking a new era of gaming in the early 2000’s. Reaching over 20,000 concurrent users in the first year and help established the cyber cafe business and local video game industry, the game managed to span more patch updates and wide recepetion from different media, including an animated series and music videos. After Asiasoft acquired Level Up! Games in 2014 and rebranded as Playpark, Ragnarok Online was eventually shut down in 2015 after being in service for 11 years. Due to the absence of an official server, several private servers and mobile game imitations have surfaced to provide a filler to still hungry Ragnarok fans.

Now with the news of an official Ragnarok Online server returning, fans will surely make a big return to the town of Prontera.

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  1. wWw.balikro.ph

    excited ako nice wan!

  2. Battousai


    Calling yung mga talunan sa pustahan. This time makakabawi na kayo sa amin. Pag totoo ito balik kaming mga pRO RK or pRO VALKYRIE. iRO Thor server at iRO Chaos wala man lang kahit isa pumalag sa Amin sa pustahan…sana totoo ito para makabawi naman kayo samin. Good Luck in advance sa papalag sana makabawi kayo this time…wag panay TRASHTALK…gaya ng sinabi ko ” wala sa laro ang lakas nasa pustahan ” hanggang dito na lang mga fans…see you soon

    • Ercardung

      Dont Come back



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