Street Fighter V Invitational Makes it Debut in truTV And Warner TV

Turner and IMG’s first-ever ELEAGUE Street Fighter® V Invitational begins this weekend on Warner TV and truTV in Asia. Live coverage of the tournament action will also be presented on Twitch and YouTube from the G Fuel® ELEAGUE Arena at Turner Studios in Atlanta.

There’s plenty for the Asia-based eSports’ fan, with participants from all around the continent including: Infiltration from South Korea; Momochi, Tokido, Daigo Umehara, Eita, MOV and Fuudo from Japan; Marn from Vietnam; Xian from Singapore; GamerBee from Taiwan; and Xiao Hai from China. They’ll also be joined by Filipino Champ, a well-known US-Filipino gamer – also known as Ryan Ramirez.

Tune-in to Warner TV for a preview special 12:30am on Monday, April 3 and channel TruTv starting Sundays, April 2, at 1:00pm. The broadcast will also be aired from other Asian countries, so stay tuned!

Tournament Schedule

The 24 Street Fighter® V players who advance from this week’s preliminaries will compete in the regular season, with six players competing per weekly group. The top two players from each group – eight players in total – will advance to the ELEAGUE Street Fighter® V Invitational tournament playoffs.

The final stages – including the Championship, – will award the largest share of a US$250,000 prize pool to the winner. All this and more, will be live on Warner TV at 10am on Saturday, May 27

In addition to live event coverage, ELEAGUE will break down the latest from the ELEAGUE Street Fighter® V Invitational in a two one-hour ELEAGUE Extra studio shows, Monday, May 1, and Monday, May 21 – also on Warner TV.

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