Kritika Update Welcomes Newest Class Noblia

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April 3, 2017

GAMEVIL’s Kritika: The White Knights has a new update, and its headliner is the newest class Noblia. Noblia is a physical type class who summons a variety of weapons from her wand in order to crush all who would oppose her. The update also comes with new features such as the ‘Event Calendar,’ ‘Play Time Reward’ and Apple Watch sync capability. Players will be able to view Kritika news from their Apple Watch device. Finally, users will not want to miss out on the special “Noblia Level UP!” event which is currently running until April 18.

About Noblia

Noblia is the 11th class to join Kritika: The White Knights’ roster and is a nimble and lethal combatant. She is an alchemist who arrived from another dimension. Although she appears to be sweet and innocent, this little girl can summon destructive weapons with ease and perform combo attacks that seem physically impossible for someone of her stature. Her tools of destruction include a mini-gun, a humongous toy hammer, a bazooka and a flame thrower.

Play Time Rewards – Players can now collect up to six rewards by playing Kritika daily. Players can receive more rewards the longer they play!

The update also includes UI improvements and the ability to enjoy using certain functions with fewer Mao Coins

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