DEEMO 3.0 Just Had a Major Update

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April 4, 2017

Last Sept, Rayark Games from Taiwan introduced update 2.4 to their mobile rhythm game DEEMO, and now they have the latest update (3.0); the last step marching towards DEEMO’s grand finale. Besides refreshing the roster for the free “Shattered Memories” song pack and adding new game scenes, the new paid DLC “Forgotten Hourglass is also making its enchanting arrival known to the world. Once activating Forgotten Hourglass after the first playthrough, players can follow the dust in the wind to reenter the world of DEEMO, and enjoy a new experience from different perspectives not previously available. 25 brand new tunes and numerous collectable photographs will also be part of the package.

DEEMO 3.0’s recent collaboration with Crusaders Quest is also something worth mentioning; the latter’s theme song Knots Way can now be seen on the charts, while on the other hand, Deemo and Alice have transformed into 8 bit characters ready to embrace the digital age.


New Free Songs Incoming

Within the Shattered Memories song pack for update 3.0, 4 new tunes will be slipping through players’ fingers from the screen; namely Japanese doujin composer Y-SHIN’s “Infinite Puzzle”, masaki kawasaki’s “Spring Snowflake Flower”, and 2 works courtesy of the prestigious Michiru Oshima (Known Works: ICO, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess), “Tree Of Dreams” and “White Rain”, all joining the DEEMO 3.0 lineup for some serious fun. Prepare to be sucked into the swirling serenity of this symphonic storyline.



Changes To Game Progression, Moving Closer To The Core Of This Heartfelt Story

Most players are sure to savor the hybrid experience of rhythmic gameplay and storyline exploration DEEMO has to give; however, the story would take approximately 13 hours of passionate piano playing before being able to reach its ending. In consideration for both old and new players alike, the development team brought in the new light orb system, giving players a chance to see stars and reach DEEMO’s touching ending at the speed of light.

Delightful 3.0 DLC Of Forgotten Hourglass

New Playthrough System, Luring Players Once More Into DEEMO’s World

The new paid DLC “Forgotten Hourglass” will be bringing not just even more songs and charts to enjoy, but also additional dialogue and collectable photographs. For those who have already visited the game’s ending, once using Forgotten Hourglass, a reimagined DEEMO will begin to unfold from a multitude of angles. Every playthrough is a chance to looks through the lens, and discover aspects of interaction between the game characters never seen before. Rayark themselves have announced the musical journey of DEEMO will be ending in this last major update, DEEMO 3.0.



A Captivating Composer Cast, With Classical Charts Coming

New works from composers as previously seen in Cytus and DEEMO will be making a show here at DEEMO 3.0. During the recent test play event, xi’s widely popular “aragami”, vospi’s special edition “Reverence (Deemo ver)”, pianoboy’s soothing “The 105th Days”, plus songs from ICE, KIVA…and much more were unveiled on site, giving players a whimsical whirlwind of melodies DEEMO style.


Within Etude Collection, the classical piano song pack, familiar pieces such as “Piano Sonata No.3 Op.58 H-moll 4th movement Finale”, “Flight of the Bumblebee”, “Sonata No. 14 Moonlight 3rd Movement”, adding up to a total of 15 songs will be right at hand to play. Players will be able to follow the fingerprints of Chopin, Rimsky-Korsakov, Beethoven, and other of the greatest composers of all time.



Difficulty wise, a selection of both old and new tunes, such as “Saika” and “Revival” will be receiving an Extra level option. Repackaged with new flavor into ever more spirited charts, players who like a challenge will be sure love these groundbreaking arrangements of notes.


DEEMO x Crusaders Quest Collaboration

DEEMO 3.0 has recently teamed up with Korean NHN Entertainment’s Crusaders Quest for a cool collaboration. DEEMO features Crusaders Quest theme song “Knots Way”, and vice versa Crusaders Quest introduced specialized DEEMO quests in early March, where Deemo, Alice, and the Masked Lady appear as 8bit characters exploring a digital world.




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