Xuan Yuan Sword: the Gate of Firmament Now Available for the PlayStation 4

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April 4, 2017

Sony Interactive Entertainment Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch (SIES) announced today that “Xuan Yuan Sword: the Gate of Firmament” is now available for PlayStation 4 with SRP of PHP 1,399 for package version.

Developed by DOMO Studio of Softstar Entertainment from Taiwan, “Xuan Yuan Sword” is one of the pioneers of Chinese RPG with its first title launched in 1990. Its latest title, “Xuan Yuan Sword: the Gate of Firmament”, is the 12th installment of the series; each series is inspired by historical events in China combined with a twist of fantasy element.


The new Xuan Yuan Sword: The Gate of Firmament will introduce the Kingdom of Huaxu, the mythical land the Yellow Emperor once visited in his dream. Desperate to find his lost daughter, the Jade Emperor once granted mortals entry into heaven as well as divine powers in the hope of finding her whereabouts. Since then, the world fell into chaos and confusion. The people lived in constant fear. Feeling the pain and suffering of the world, Emperor Zhuanxu, with the help of Fuxi, Nuwa and Queen of Huaxu, eventually embodied the power of divine artifacts and sealed the gateways to heaven. Thus the gates shall remain sealed, and neither mortals nor gods can ever pass through them. This incident then put an end to human suffering, later known as “Juedi Tiantong.”



  1. RPG game where players can experience history and the outcomes of their choices as they explore the ancient oriental fantasy world.
  2. Intriguing storylines and scenarios!
  3. Vast fantasy world to explore!
  4. Semi-auto mode—making combat fast-paced and easy to control.
  5. The Guardian System enables players to capture legendary creatures and use them in the game as a combat companion.
  6. Cauldron System (the Urn of Spirit Infusion) to synthesize and eventually upgrade equipment to rare and more powerful versions.


PS4™ version extra features:

  1. 8 new quests to give characters more depth and personality
  2. Optimization of Global Illumination technology and Cloth Simulation techniques to enhance visuals and graphics to make it more realistic.

SIES is dedicated in bringing the best gaming experience including unique Asia contents to all PS4™ users, and further enhancing and promoting the PS4™ platform.


■Product Information

Title Name Xuan Yuan Sword: the Gate of Firmament
Genre RPG
Release 23rd March 2017
Platform PlayStation®4
Number of Players 1
Price Package Version: PHP 1,399
Language Voice Chinese
Subtitle English, Traditional Chinese
Copyrights ©SOFTSTAR ENTERTAINMENT INC. All Rights Reserved.
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