Mecha Fridays: We’re having another GBF show because reasons

Written by Louis

April 21, 2017

Well, at least we have more Gundam to watch before Crossbone is out.

It seems like the Gundam Build Fighters saga is far from over as the series producer Masazaku Ogawa hints a new addition via a tweet, saying that there will be “another special edition” that they will be working on.

Although this might be expected, especially since the series creators themselves teased the idea of additional projects for the series, we are entirely not sure as to how the GBF series continues its run on an almost annual basis but WE STILL DON’T GET ANY CLEAR NEWS ABOUT THE NEW GUNDAM CROSSBONE ANIME.


Now don’t get us wrong, we have learned to enjoy bits and pieces of the GBF series, particularly the first one which felt like G Gundam but without the high stakes such as a potential World War, but the follow-ups kinda fell short as it somehow tries to mimic almost everything from the first GBF show.

Mecha desigsns are dope tho, I mean how can you not appreciate this.

For all its worth, the new GBF show will hopefully bring more kits that are designed to help us answer the question of “how do I customize pre-existing Gunpla models without buying additional parts” and it also means more Gundam to watch while we wait for the next big series coming out of SUNRISE’s production lines.

Gundam Build Fighters is the lighthearted spin-off to the Gundam franchise, licensced by Sunrise and produced by Masakazu Ogawa and Makoto Shiraishi of TV Tokyo, in contrast to your regular Gundam shows, the series puts more focus on the Gundam model kit, or Gunpla, and features a lot of referrences to the original Gundam shows, such as custom mecha designs, character tropes, and mobile suit battles.


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