Ian Sta. Maria confirms new Skyworld sequel, coming this Q2 of 2017

Written by Louis

April 24, 2017

The tale of myth and adventure continues, are you ready to enter the realm of Skyworld?

Perhaps one of the most celebrated local comic books of the new generation based on Filipino myth and folklore, Skyworld, is getting a new sequel, titled Dominion, with the “formal announcement” revealed by artist Ian Sta. Maria.

Created by Mervin Ignacio, and drawn by Ian Sta. Maria, Skyworld tells the fictional story of the inheritor of the divine lineage of the Maharlikas, Andoy, as he saves the country from an Aswang invasion, with the help of other beings from Filipino folklore, such as a machine gun-wielding Tikbalang, and a Dwende.

You thought we were kidding? Image credits to Mervin Ignacio.

The comic book series also draws inspiration from true events and heroes, with appearances by Lapu-Lapu, Jose Rizal, and Andres Bonifacio, and the Japanese invasion, and as well as appearances and cameos from fictional characters from other popular local comic book series, Budjette Tan’s Trese, accompanies by the Twins, who also play a major part in the story, and Paolo Fabregas’ Invisiboy, Kidlat Kit, and Flashlight from the Filipino Heroes League.

Too bad they didn’t get a slice of the action.

While the Aswang invasion has been the emphasis of the first 2 volumes of Skyworld, Dominion might dive deeper into the history of the Aswang-Man conflict, with depictions of a conflict happening as far as the island of Borneo, and as well as continue Andoy’s story after the defeat of the Aswang queen Rianka, in the post-apocalyptic archipelago that is still overrun by the Aswang.

Skyworld Dominion is written by Mervin Ignacio, drawn by Ian Sta. Maria and edited by Budjette Tan and is slated for release this coming May-June 2017.


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