Mecha Fridays: So Let’s talk about Frame Arms Girls

Written by Louis

April 28, 2017

A robot and a girl? Why I never…

Fans of the Kotobukiya line of toys and model kits would probably be familiar with the Frame Arms Girl model kit, which is essentially a combination of a mecha frame fitted on the body of an Anime Girl, complete with weaponry, add-ons, and variations, the average joe, however, especially those living under a rock, would have their minds completely blown knowing that a model kit line such as this exist, and would probably wonder, how in the world did this happen?

We forgot to mention their cold-hearted look that is obviously not pleased when you forget to clean up those nasty nubs.

The Frame Arms Girl line was introduced as Kotobukiya’s spin-off to their own Frame Arms line, which can easily be compared to Bandai’s Gunplas given the similarity in look and articulation and also the fact that its main mechanical designer Takayuki Yanase also worked for several Gundam franchises such as Gundam 00, and After War Gundam X, and has, over time, grown to become its own with 8 main variations currently available. Its inception may also share the same inspiration to Gundam’s MS Girl spinoff, albeit it is noticeable how Bandai and Sunrise really didn’t put much investment into the MS Girl line for reasons that only god knows why.

Although their popularity may not be as talked about in contrast to the main Frame Arms line, the kits seem to be popular enough to spark their own spin-off anime series, which started airing early this month, which theme is a little similar to Gundam Build Fighters, the Gundam series spinoff focusing on Gunpla kits, albeit for the Frame Arms Girls Anime series, the kits are sentient, and can move on their own in contrast to GBF which uses magic particles to make the Gunpla kits move and do battle.

And of course fanservice, I mean come on, the series is about girl mechas, duh.

Model kit line, anime series, so what really is the appeal of Frame Arms Girls?

Well, one can point out that it is because they are unique, in a sense that the spinoff works so well mainly because the designs are original in their own right, and of course since both Bandai and Sunrise aren’t to keen on going big-time on the MS Girl Gunpla spinoff, so that lessens the competition to an extent. One interesting thing to also point out is that, in contrast to other mecha model kits, both the Frame Arms and the Frame Arms Girl line did not totally rely on a pre-existing anime or series for popularity, even though there are a lot of similarities in design when compared to other pre-existing mecha model kit lines. And while it may still be dwarfed on appeal when compared to other mecha model kits, the ongoing anime series may perhaps help grow its popularity among plastic model kit collectors, especially the ones with deep pockets because believe me, with Kotobukiya being slapped in there these things can really punch a hole in your wallet.

At least shipping is free, also did we mention that these things are about the same height and size as a 1/144 HG Gunpla?

And now, since I’ve run out of things to say about this model kit, and I obviously haven’t owned one yet, let’s go to the real goal of this write-up which is to invite you to Plamo Attack Studio’s Frame Arms Girl Philippine Meet-up happening this coming Sunday, April 30, 2017, starting at 2 in the afternoon, in the store’s Timog Branch, in Quezon City, and oh, yeah, you’d have to be around Metro Manila or in the Philippines to be able to attend, but hey if you from abroad and planning to take a quick flight, why not right? Admission for the event is free and there will also be a build-off challenge happening on the spot with the grand prize being, you guessed it, a Frame Arms Girl kit.

Plamo Attack Studio is located at 2nd Floor, Ushio II Plaza, 79 Timog Ave, Diliman, Quezon City.

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