Granado Espada Memoirs II: From the Diary of Sigrid

Written by Asia

May 6, 2017

Back in 2007 (exactly 10 years ago), I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. It was time for me to become an “adult” and start looking for work but during that stage of my life, I was heavily engaged in online MMORPGs and had just known a knew game that made waves in PC rental shops.

It was called Granado Espada and the concept it introduced was unlike any of the previous MMORPGs I’ve played. “G.E.” (what the game was called in short) did not go for the “chibi” or cutesy-characters… it had real human sized characters to choose from and was the first MMORPG that allowed me to have a multi-character gameplay. Imagine controlling 3 characters, all at once! After thinking of my game family name “SIGRID”, three characters were born— Arcania the Fighter, Althea the Wizard and Cyprus the Healer. I fell involve with the game as I level my characters and finding strong in-game equipments, finishing NPC quests and unlocking new characters, and further my obsession with the game when I became active in both in-game and iRL G.E. activities.

Covenant Faction of Caracci Server meeting up during the 1st Anniversary event of GE.

I infused my passion for writing when I put up, my modest blog page where I wrote some fan fiction, game events and anything Granada Espada-related. Because of the blog, I was surprised to when players recognise me during community meet-ups. Fun trivia: that blog is still accessible (but so outdated) and that’s how this blog, Reimarufiles also started!

Reimaru (a.k.a. Chad for those who doesn’t know), was one of my guild mates and one of the many people who I am still friends with (real life) up to now. The game has introduced me to fellow peers who, even after a decade, are still around sharing the same interest in gaming and geek culture.

A bond created out of GE: Our group did some pretty fun and random cosplays when not gaming!

After a good 2-year run in the game, I quit (because, ADULTING stuff) but GE has brought a lot of good memories and people in my life. It wasn’t simply a game but a means to have been part of something bigger than just me behind a PC that’s why it’s sad to know that after so many years this game is ending. But hey, if some games tend to be revived after so many years, maybe this is something I (or probably my future kids) will look forward to!

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