Ragnarok Online Philippines CBT phase to start soon, new Philippine-specific content also being considered

Written by Louis

May 8, 2017

CBT phase to run until the end of May with the official launch to happen right after.

One of the most iconic MMORPGs in the history of Philippine Gaming is poised to make a strong comeback as Ragnarok Online is ALMOST all systems go for a Philippine server relaunch which will happen presumably in the near future. According to Gravity CEO Kitamura Yoshinori on the press conference held during the Ragnarok Online Philippines Festival in SM City North EDSA, a Closed Beta Testing phase will “run until the end of the month“, which means that sign-ups and as well as the actual CBT could take place sometime in the coming weeks.

Gravity CEO Kitamura Yoshinori speaking in front of a jam-packed crowd during the Ragnarok Online Philippines Press Conference.

Ragnarok Online, which first came to the Philippines back in 2003, shut down its Philippine servers, which was previously under Level Up! Games, back in March 2015, although its community was able to find comfort by continuously playing the game through numerous privately owned servers. The game made its re-entry in the South East Asian region through publisher, Electronics Extreme, and was relaunched in Taiwan, where it quickly became the top MMORPG in the country, and also in Thailand and Indonesia, which also saw a significant rise in popularity and player growth.

Together with their Philippine relaunch, Gravity also stated that they are considering bringing new content specific to the Filipino gaming community, together with the new content that is present ever since the relaunch. In addition to content, Gravity also promises an improved quality of service for the Ragnarok’s relaunch, an aspect in which many local publishers seem to be lack, by referring to their partner, Electronics Extreme, which they describe as have proved themselves as a “strong partner and publisher, by not only providing specialized marketing for each country but also through sharing innovative ideas and close communication with our [Ragnarok] users“.

Ragnarok Online is without a doubt, considered to be one of the most successful MMORPGs to have ever launched here in the Philippines, accumulating nearly 10 million users and had an initial run of over a decade since 2003 up until its demise back in 2015. This year, Gravity, and Electronics Extreme will hope to recapture that success by relaunching the game, and hopefully deliver on the content and service that the game’s fans truly deserve.

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