Logres: Japanese RPG launches Pre-Registration Event of its English version

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May 18, 2017

Marvelous Inc. and Aiming Inc. announce the start of pre-registration for the mobile game, Logres: Japanese RPG.  The English version of the top-grossing Japanese mobile game has just finished a successful closed beta test last month. In preparation for the launch, the game has started its Pre-Registration Event.  The event starts on May 9, 2017. All players will receive special rewards during the launch. The number of rewards will depend on the milestones unlocked during the pre-registration period. Each milestone unlocks rewards such as Crystals and a special Hunters Kimono.  More rewards are unlocked as more people register.

The milestones and rewards during the event are:

  • 1000 pre-registration participants unlock: [Hunters Kimono・Torso] and [Hunters Kimono・Legs]
  • 2000 pre-registration participants unlock: [Crystals x10]
  • 3000 pre-registration participants unlock: [Hunters Kimono・Feet]
  • 5000 pre-registration participants unlock: [Crystals x15]
  • 7000 pre-registration participants unlock: [Hunters Kimono・Head]
  • 0000 pre-registration participants unlock: [Crystals x25]



Join millions of players worldwide and battle a dark mysterious force intent on destroying the Kingdom! Logres is a turn-based RPG that’s simple to use and very easy to play, even for beginners. Infinite equipment combinations, character customization, and multiple jobs let you create an avatar and playstyle that’s unique to you. Its real-time coop quests and auto party system lets you fight with your friends in legendary encounters and save a world from chaos.

Discover the fantasy world of Logres, where magic, knights and goddesses come alive!

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