Our Character Wishlist for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

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May 23, 2017

When you hear Marvel versus Capcom, you think of epic matches between the two universe’s greatest heroes and villains. Now with their newest installation, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinity, we can begin to speculate and hope that our favorite characters from both franchises make it.

The two following lists are my personal top five characters that I wish Capcom would put into the game. My apologies in advance for the list being somewhat obscure and ancient, I’m working of nostalgia and cool factor.



Asura from Asura’s Wrath (2012)

Who else can we pick to represent the hype that is Marvel vs. Capcom? Taking a look at his game, his moveset would already be complete. I don’t think I need to further explain myself on how awesome it would be to have Asura and Thor duke it out in an all-out slugfest. If you’re in doubt, look at the link below for Asura versus Ryu, Evil Ryu and Oni.

Monster Hunter from The Monster Hunter Franchise

One of Capcom’s longest running franchises, Monster Hunter. Seeing the color in the background of the trailer, I figured that the cast needed some more brightness to it. A dash of bright red or a lush splash of natural green, colors which Monster Hunter can provide on top of his already crazy arsenal of weapons. You have your hammer for your ground and wall bounces, your hunting horn for assists, your shield to block and on top of that you have your Hunting Arts which are easily reworked into supers and special moves.

Jin Saotome from Cyberbots

Whoever played the first Marvel vs. Capcom would immediately know who this guy is. Seeing that Capcom is riding on a tad bit of Nostalgia by running with the X and Sigma tandem they might as well go all out on the references. When I first picked up Marvel vs. Capcom back in the PS1 era, I had no idea who this guy is, but did it matter? No, because he had a giant robot that punched you whenever he used his Super. Jin has been a favorite since his days in Marvel 1, because who wouldn’t like someone with a giant robot that was willing to gattling gun other fighters into submission? Also, did I mention that one of his win poses was jumping at you with a sword?

Captain Commando from Captain Commando

As much as I’d like to put someone else here, Captain Commando really shines in a cheesy and lovable way. Yelling out Captain Corridor and Captain Fire is not only awesome but the moves also make you feel powerful. Seeing him missed out on Marvel 3 sorta disappointed me, as he would make a great addition to the already stellar cast in Marvel 3. This would also make another great point of entry for new fans to actually get on the Nostalgia train, I mean I’m pretty sure they’d Google Search Captain Commando sooner or later, eventually stumbling upon his game.

Edward Falcon from Power Stone

Who else got chills after hearing Ryu yell “POWER STONE”? As impossible as it is, a man can dream. Edward Falcon’s my 5th pick because Infinity Stones might actually be Power stones over in the Capcom universe who’d know? It’d also be a great nod to Capcom’s previous works since they are cashing in on nostalgia with Megaman X, why not bring in your old characters and resell your games in HD? Also please bring Megaman back as a franchise.


As most of you might have guessed with this first Capcom inclusion, I’ll be keeping to the ‘Nostalgia Factor’ since this is after all a wishlist and not a prediction thread.



Agent Venom

Probably one of the coolest Marvel guys in my book. Fresh from the space feel of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I think it’d be the perfect way to show how Venom’s progressed in comics, as well as to draw attention to the upcoming Spiderman series.
As much as I’d love to see the Black Suit Spidey, Flash Thompson and the Symbiote’s dynamics are just really good to watch, to add, the symbiote augments an already gun heavy moveset allowing for some rather unique combinations of both a shooter/brawler and an elastic symbiote.

Agent Venom actually hung out with the Guardians at one point, check out Space Knight Venom and you’ll come to appreciate how the old school Eddie Brock Venom’s been replaced by a space faring Agent of Shield that runs around with a Symbiote.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is essentially Marvel’s take on Batman but as much as I’d like to see a unique and dedicated moveset, I believe that taking pages from Injustice’s batman would be a great, boomerangs, martial arts as well as style switches based on his dominant personality would give pros and casual players a lot in terms of movelists as well as playstyles. His assists could also draw upon the multiple personalities he possesses giving you not only different sets of dialogue but also different moves suited to your team.

Black Bolt

We haven’t seen Inhumans in any of the games or the main movies as of yet, what better way to introduce them other than Marvel vs. Capcom? Black Bolt is by far the Inhuman that people need to be familiar with. I can see that his level three would just be him shouting at the opponent as a wave of force slams him against multiple objects. Black bolt is almost always like a Barometer for power in the Marvel Universe, if you can survive his shout, you can pretty much survive a lot of thing thrown at you.

If you’ve seen the short Inhumans trailer that Marvel recently released, seeing Black Bolt around wouldn’t be as farfetched as you might think it is.

Black Panther

Black Panther is an old character but a new addition to the marvel cinematic universe. However he doesn’t seem to have a debut game yet, with marvel taking out X-Men for this instance of Marvel vs. Capcom, they’d have to place a stand in for our well loved regenerating berserker X-Man. Who better to take his place than Black Panther? The King of Wakanda and the richest man in Marvel with his own upcoming movie. He’s like Tony Stark, but with martial arts and claws.


Superman coming in to protect two different worlds. If there’s a guy that can pull his own weight it’s Sentry. For the uninitiated, Sentry is essentially the Superman of Marvel, able to battle a max powered Hulk to a standstill. For those who want to see how awesome this guy really is, read World War Hulk.

This 5th one is a far cry from the rest of the list but is someone I really want to see around in a fighting game ever since he fought toe to toe with the Hulk. As bland as his moveset would probably be, his tone, feel and aura all feel welcome in the craziness that is Marvel vs. Capcom.


Written by Ken, drop by and check out Cosmic Gorgons Gaming and Art Lounge to meet up and hang out if you’re free.

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