Monster Hunter XX Coming to Nintendo Switch

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If you’re not completely sold on getting a Switch yet, here’s one more reason for you: Capcom has just announced that it’s bringing Monster Hunter XX to the hybrid system. The series has been a stalwart of Nintendo platforms since the 3DS, but XX will be its first installment on the Switch.

This announcement is a treat for most series fans. The Switch’s hardware may very well make this installment the prettiest looking Monster Hunter in the series so far. The portable nature of the system also ensures local co-op multiplayer, which has been key to the series’ success remains intact, and the its docking feature would also allow for online play on a bigger screen.

Also, analog sticks. Two. Proper. Analog sticks.

Monster Hunter XX (pronounced Double Cross) is an expanded version of Monster Hunter X, which was released in the US in 2015 as Monster Hunter Generations for the Nintendo 3DS. A 3DS version of XX came out in Japan in March with no official announcement of a Western release.

No announcements have been made of a Western release so far. More details will be disclosed during the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 this Saturday in Sapporo, Japan. E3’s also just around the corner, so here’s hoping they’re still holding out on a few more surprises for everyone.

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