After Ryzen, AMD slates Raven Ridge processors, Ryzen-Vega APUs next in their release roadmap

Written by Louis

May 29, 2017

Looking to take on Intel with full force, AMD teases what’s next on their release road map for the hardware market.

Early last week, AMD’s Philippine marketing arm held a press-only briefing regarding their recently released additions to their CPU and GPU lines, particularly their new desktop processors, the Ryzen.

Together with showcasing the capabilities of the new Ryzen 7 and 5 CPUs when it comes to processor intensive tasks such as encryption rendering, multimedia, streaming, and even high-resolution gaming, AMD also gave a brief intro regarding their new RX 500 GPU line which utilizes the new generation of their Polaris GPU architecture.

As AMD’s new products have been around for a few months now, many are asking, what’s next for the computer component brand as they are said to be poised to fully compete with their competitor brands when it comes to a full product line-up feature ranging from entry-level, mid-range to enthusiast level CPUs and GPUs, which are marketed to offer the same performance at a much lower price point. Although many are now talking about the upcoming Vega architecture which will soon be implemented on their new GPUs, AMD seems to be offering much more as far as their road map within Ryzen’s first year as concerned with AMD’s Channel Sales Director for the SEA and India region, Ryan Sim and Philippine National Sales manager Sonny sy, giving us juicy bits of information as what is next for AMD now that Ryzen is finally out.

Citing their newfound increase in Market share, Mr. Sim tells us that together with the Ryzen’s recent launch, AMD has seen significant growth in their Asian market share, citing examples such as Vietnam which market share growth spurt went from “almost 0” to a 10-15% increase after the release and availability of the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 chips, and as well as Korea and Japan who both went up from 2-3% to almost 20%. This significant growth in markets is what AMD seems to be betting on as their, as what both Mr. Sim and Mr. Sy would describe it, “multi-platform generational roadmap” would hope to see further advancements and new additions to the AMD Zen technology such as Zen 2.0 or Zen 3.0 and as well as the new Raven Ridge architecture which will soon be made available on notebooks or mobility devices, together with new APUs that will be based on the Ryzen architecture, slated to come out some time next year, or even earlier, that is if Intel’s new rumored i9 chips really land in the market later this year.

Talking more about the Raven Ridge tech, Ryan Sim briefly sums up its description as “Ryzen for computing and Vega for Graphics”, which means that AMD may soon move on from the Polaris architecture as they also plan to unveil a full lineup for the Raven Ridge that covers entry-level, mid-range and high-end notebooks. As to why they are using the Vega instead of Polaris for the Raven Ridge, Sonny Sy cites the compatibility and lithography aspects of the manufacturing process, calling it as their own “uni-chip solution”,  wherein the “Vega sits on top” of the Ryzen. As the Raven Ridge will also be coming to desktops, AMD sets the proper expectation for consumers that the since the Raven Ridge will be available for the desktop using the Socket AM4, it will be utilizing DDR4 memory modules, albeit the Vega will using HBM.

Together with the new Raven Ridge, Vega, APUs and also their server computing solutions, AMD also reminds us that the new Ryzen 3 CPU line will be made available soon with announcements to hopefully be made in the near future as to complete the Ryzen’s initial desktop processing lineup for entry level, mid-range and high-end users.

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