Europe is getting custom Overwatch Console Controllers and the rest of the world won’t


As part of celebrating Overwatch’s first anniversary, Blizzard has just announced that they worked with publishing house collective agency ARTitude for a very beautiful treat that is custom Overwatch-themed designed console controllers for the PS4 and the Xbox OneNow before you head on to Blizzard or Overwatch’s official website and start throwing money at the screen, some sad, sad info regarding this new promotion from Blizzard which states 2 things:

  1. You can only grab any of these controllers through giveaways and raffles.
  2. They are only available in Europe.

Calm down, calm down, as we all know, Overwatch’s community is a built on a strong foundation of global fans who will practically throw money on the screen just at a mere tease of official Overwatch merchandise so they might be a teeny-bit of chance that Blizzard puts them up in their online store for the rest of the world to purchase although, as of the moment, they are hell-bent on making this an Anniversary and European-region only exclusive which is similar to torture if you’re living outside of Europe.

Now, while we’re all waiting if Blizzard has any plans of releasing these pretty line of Overwatch console controllers, why don’t we all just gaze at this new pieces of modern art and contemplate on the fact that there is next to 0% chance that we are getting any of it.

Just don’t start throwing money at the screen though.

PlayStation 4

Xbox One

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