Heads up, the Switch is getting a Monster Hunter edition

In case you really want MORE reasons to grab a Switch.

Late last week game publisher CAPCOM revealed that they are planning to bring the much celebrated Monster Hunter franchise into the Nintendo Switch platform by  unveiling Monster Hunter XX as the first game in the franchise to land on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

However, it seems like the game isn’t the only Monster Hunter thing coming to the Nintendo Switch as Nintendo also announced that, together with the new Monster Hunter XX, they will also be releasing a special Monster Hunter edition of the Switch console once the game launches in Japan later this year.

And take note: in Japan.

Yup, even though the Switch is a global hit, when it comes to sales at least, Monster Hunter is still pretty much bigger in Japan in contrast to anywhere else in the world so it kinda makes sense if in case Nintendo decides that they only want to release the console version within Japanese borders only.

But hey, at least we get to gaze at the glorious Monster Hunter themed Switch through these images provided by fansite Japanese Nintendo.

Monster Hunter XX’s Nintendo Switch version will be out this coming Aug 2017.


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