Battleborn goes free but Gearbox doesn’t wanna call it “Free to Play”

Written by Louis

June 7, 2017

This is confusing.

Gearbox’s attempt at hero shooters who sadly went up against Blizzard’s giant success that is Overwatch, Battleborn, has just been announced to go free earlier today, however, Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford refuses to call the game “Free to Play” because…well, reasons?

As seen on the new trailer video above, Gearbox is using the term “Free trial” to describe this new phase for Battleborn, for you won’t be having access to all the heroes, rather a rotational 6-hero lineup out of the 30 will be made available to free trial users to play each week, albeit account and character progression is permanent and you can still purchase characters and cosmetics individually in the marketplace, basically implementing the same “Free to play” scheme that popular MOBAs such as Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends are both using.

The “Free Trial” period also grants unlimited access to most parts of the game, including all multiplayer game modes, and maps without any time limits or caps whatsoever, and the “Free Trial” version is available for all of Battleborn’s platforms; PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

As exciting as this may be, many are still skeptic if this move by Gearbox would hopefully revitalise the game after being hopelessly crushed by its main competition, Overwatch, way before it got launched. However, given that the novelty is starting to wear off and players are starting to look for other things to try out, this might add some sort of leverage for Battleborn, and is also perhaps the right time for players to check out Gearbox’s “MOBA Hero Shooter”.

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