E3 2017: Check Out What Games are Featured at the PlayStation Press Conference

It was more on showing games than making talks at the E3 Press Conference.

This year is another great time for video game fans, as E3 2017 kicks off with a series of press conferences from the biggest publishers. And we are now focusing on the PlayStation’s side as they reveal some of their biggest games for this year and the next. But the biggest surprise on Sony’s Press Conference was the lack of any developers and publishers showing up on stage and discuss about their newest game, even CEO Shawn Layden only has a few words to say before on the opening statement before proceeding to a large line up of trailers to be shown. And it was a good thing as more time are invested on showcasing new games and updated details on upcoming games, so here are the games that were showcased at the press con, also pardon for the long list of videos that you will be seeing below:

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