Why Super Mario Odyssey’s theme is the true winner of E3 2017

Written by Louis

June 14, 2017

Forget about announcements, this year’s E3 Winner is that goddamn Super Mario Odyssey theme song.

For years there has been this running gag at how Nintendo wins the crowd at the prestigious Electronic Entertainment Expo by doing absolutely nothing, since they are more keen towards previewing their upcoming titles via pre-recorded shows rather than appearing live on stage which almost always is on-point as to how a proper reveal presentation should look and feel like.

This year at E3, many are looking forward to what Microsoft and their new Xbox One X has to offer, and as to what Sony PlayStation has up in their sleeve as the old age blood-feud between the 2 major console platforms get re-ignited, with the Xbox looking to one-up the PlayStation with their line-up of 4K exclusives and PlayStation looking to come back with the Shadow of the Colossus remake that is until this happened and the fandoms engage in a global conflict once again as to which console dunked the other at E3 2017 that is until this happened:

Yes, Nintendo, yes a new Super Mario because we can never get enough of their Italian Plumber mascot, and yes it’s for the Switch but the gameplay and how the game looks and feels aside what truly captivated everyone, yes EVERYONE,  is the trailer’s gorgeous theme song which really captures the hype that the trailer wants us to feel.

I mean, come on, how can you not fall in love to Super Mario being a T-Rex, a taxi, a Koopa, a fish, a missile, and even a damn frog to the tune of good ol’ Jazz. The music itself is so catchy, that it can really persuade you to buy a Switch, if you don’t own one yet, and purchase Super Mario Odyssey once it comes out just to listen to the theme all-day long.

Unless Nintendo releases the single of course, which we truly wish they would. In the meantime, listen to the full version of the song, which is called “I’ll be your 1-Up Girl”, uploaded on YouTube by numerous gaming channels such as this one before Nintendo takes it down of course.

And oh, Mario’s ex, Pauline is also singing it.

The Xbox might have their 4K games, PlayStation may be remaking Shadow of the Colossus, but goddamn Nintendo wins everything at E3 2017 just by the sheer awesomeness of this Super Mario Odyssey theme alone.


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