Nintendo Brought their Guns: Nintendo E3 2017 Showcase

Nintendo could be this year’s winner of E3, thanks to the great lineup of games.

With Sony and Microsoft showed off their latest reveals of their games with an hour long press conference, it was Nintendo’s turn to showcase their games. But instead of the traditional high quality stage production, they went on with pre-record shows that still featured new announcements and a short introduction from the development team and head honchos. The result is a very hilarious and very whimsical style of presentation that makes it appealing to all ages, and with less on those cringe-inducing moments on live stage.

This year’s E3 Spotlight only lasted for half an hour, which was very short for the usual E3 feature, but it was packed with a ton of game reveals and new updates from upcoming games for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. Then right after the presentation, the Nintendo Treehouse Live event was followed, a series of hour-long live shows where it featured some reveals that weren’t included on the E3 Spotlight and focused more on explaining the gameplay of each games.

Now enough with the presentations and on with the showcase of games that were featured in the Nintendo E3 Spotlight and Treehouse Live.

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