Ultra Wide-Color Is Crucial For Accurate Color Reproduction

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June 18, 2017


Have you ever wondered why is one photo can look so vivid on one monitor, while the same picture looks so dull on another monitor? Philips Monitors  are powered by an innovative Ultra Wide-Color technology which delivers a wider range of colors for more accurate color and brilliant picture viewing. In other words, Ultra Wide-Color wider “color gamut” produces more natural-looking greens, vivid reds and deeper blues. In layman’s terms, you are looking at a Philips monitor that produces more colors as compared to ordinary monitors.

Philips Monitors with Ultra Wide-Color technology are designed for people who would rank accurate color reproduction and superb picture quality as the top features they want in their monitors.

Ultra Wide-Color technology delivers a wider spectrum of colors for more accurate color generation

Why Ultra Wide-Color Matters?

Philips understands there are consumers who demands color reproduction as accurately as possible on their monitor at all time. Those that are looking to use a monitor for graphical work will probably want something that has a greater range of color. For example, in the design, printing and photography industries where color accuracy is important, a monitor that comes with Ultra Wide-Color will definitely be an important asset. But what does it mean by “Ultra Wide-Color” and how does it help? Ultra Wide-Color simply means a wider range of color area in    color gamut space. It is able to store a wider range of color values, thus produces more natural-looking and vivid colors.

One important fact worth noticing is that Philips Ultra Wide-Color technology achieves its wide-color effect through hardware enhancements, rather than by fine-tuning color settings through software. Besides, the monitor is able to produces more true-to-life images by supporting a wider color gamut, which is above 85% of the NTSC gamut area as opposed to the typical 72%. Ultra Wide-Color expands on the range of colors that are perceived by users, hence, bringing media entertainment, images, and even productivity more alive with this innovative technology.

The colored area is the range of colors human beings can see with the naked eye. A 85% of the NTSC gamut offers richer color reproduction.>

Ultra Wide-Color Is Important For Professionals

Philips Monitor offers a few models feature Ultra Wide-Color technology. These models are designed to enable you to expand your viewing experience for both professional applications and entertainment.

Learn more about Philips monitors with Ultra Wide-Color <CTA button> http://www.philips.com.sg/c-m-pc/monitors

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