5 Things We Want to See at Toycon 2017

Written by Chad

June 22, 2017

Toycon is just around the corner, and while there aren’t any new info on what to expect inside, we thought of compiling 5 things that we really wanted to see as well as the toy collectors at the said event. On our list, we are focusing on one thing that majority of the fans go for Toycon; and that’s T-O-Y-S. Yep, action figures, figurines, dolls, model kits, vintage toys and other collectibles are what the enthusiasts and collectors are here for. So here are some things that we wish Toycon could bring this year or possibly in the coming years.

More Toy Exclusives

We love to collect new toys and what’s more awesome if we could get a ton of exclusives. And when we mean exclusive, we mean things that you will only get at the event. It can be a remolded or recolored version of an existing action figure or figurine then maybe add more accessories. But it shouldn’t just stop there, we could get exclusives that are themed for Toycon or maybe some of the Filipino culture can be given some toy treatment. We previously saw some exclusives in the recent years like die-cast toy cars with the logo of Toycon and an Aswang vinyl toy, we need more toy exclusives like that as well, and with Toycon currently partnering with Pop Life (technically Mind Style who is also the distributor of Funko Pop toys in SEA), it should be a no-brainer for Pop Life to bring more toy exclusives at the event.

More Toy Brands

Since Toycon should be all about toys, we should be expecting more toy brands to be appearing at the event. We already have Funko Pops thanks to Pop Life, but the world doesn’t just revolve around Funko Pops, we want to see more brands ranging from mechas, super heroes, aliens, soldiers and so on. How about seeing a large Lego Land-themed booth where you can see tons of Lego dioramas and tons of Lego sets to purchase, how about Hasbro making a big appearance and showing off their new line of Transformers toys, especially the Transformers movie is already showing at that time. And maybe new toy brands to showcase their new collections or maybe bring some of the other popular brands in the country; NECA, McFarlane and MEGA BLOKS could be brought here. It’s a good start, and it can be a double whammy if it could bring good investments in the country, especially if these brands find it to be marketable here.

Toy Workshops

And Toycon shouldn’t just stick to selling toys, they can even teach the community some tricks or inspire them to love their hobbies more. Previously, we saw a couple of panel talks of some toy groups sharing their passion and knowledge from model kit building 101 to building your own diorama or custom action figure. They can even invite toy designers both local and international to share their knowledge and insights about toy collecting and get to interact with the community. Or they can do hands-on activities for the community, like toy modding or painting their toys, or even toy photography it encourages them to experiment on their works that opens a whole new hobby for them to enjoy.

Bigger Toy Exhibit

The toy exhibit was the main attraction at the event, and with a really bigger venue, it demands for a bigger space, and we are talking about event halls prepared exclusively for the toy exhibit. This is the place where different toy collecting groups can gather and show off their collections to other enthusiasts, and with Toycon becoming bigger than ever, this should be the sign to help the communities have a really presentable spot for their collection. Give them bigger glass cabinets and better lighting, or you can even provide specially-themed backdrops for certain toy groups, like giving a sci-fi vibe for the area of the Star Wars and Star Trek collection or perhaps a post-apocalyptic feel for zombie-themed toys. Heck they can even set up larger toy dioramas in the exhibit, how about a massive battle of Gunplas or GI Joes or even showing the evolution of the Transformers toys in a more creative style. They can even mix digital tech on the exhibit, putting up laser light effects or even Augmented Reality to add some cool effects on the exhibit. The possibilities are endless, it’s just all up to the organizers if they are willing to invest on that for the sake of the community.

A Place for Toy Content Creators to Work on

Digital Content has evolved for the past few years, and everyone can create their own and share it online. Bloggers, journalists, gamers and video makers are now the content creators of this age and they can expand the exposure of products that they feature on their content, with that in mind this is the good opportunity to showcase the toys and collectibles found at the event. Set up a place for content creators to create their videos, it doesn’t need to be a themed area with fancy equipment, all they need is a spacious location with great lighting and that has a large table where they can unbox or review the toys that they bought. They can even put dividers on each table to isolate some of the noise from other people who are also making videos in the area, green screens can be placed on walls so content creators can customize it with their own backdrops. And if there is a fast and stable internet connection, creators can avail for internet access via WiFi so they can upload their creations on the spot for the world to see. The idea is a win-win situation to both the organizers and content creators as it helps give more exposure to the event and at the same time, help the content creators be discovered by newer audience.

Though we are not expecting that all of these will happen this year, but we do hope some of these will become a reality in the coming years. After all, even if the event becomes broader, Toycon will still be remembered as an event for toy collectors and enthusiasts

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