Mecha Fridays: New images for the new MG Gundam ZZ, and Battle-damage versions for FA Gundam and Psycho Zaku out for your viewing pleasure

Written by Louis

June 30, 2017

And also to destroy your wallets.


Well lads and gals, we’ve been a bit silent these past few weeks due to some weird ordeal involving tech and games, but nevertheless we are back with some of the latest and juicy bits of robot news for Mecha Fridays.

Okay, so maybe it’s not that juicy, but hey at least we’re latest, anyway, just recently, Bandai has rolled out new images for 3 upcoming products for the Master Grade line, 2 of which are under the P-Bandai tag, to everyone’s viewing pleasure, and of course to ogle as we all contemplate if it’s really worth cutting down our diets as we prepare to nab these new additions to our Gunpla collections.

First off, we have new images from the upcoming 1/100 MG MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam Ver. Ka which shows the already colored parts and as well as a closer look at the details i.e. new panel outlines that come pre-included in the kit making it a true piece of art.


Now talking about art, for all of y’all who love going all artsy with their Gundam kits with customizations such as dioramas that depict the series titular and gruesome battles, then you might wanna check out the new LAST SESSION, or what we can all call as the “Battle Damaged” version of the Full Armor Gundam and the Psycho Zaku from the Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt series. The damage battle customs of both kits are patterned after the final and iconic battle between Io Fleming and Daryl Lorenz or at least the part where Io is about to stab the Zaku’s monoeye while Daryl is about to blow the FA Gundam’s head off with a rocket.

Both the FA Gundam and the Psycho Zaku kits are sold separately so, not to mention that they will come in very limited quantity although reservations or pre-orders are now ongoing, but you’d have to be quick since Bandai is setting an unknown quota for production, which means that if they reach the pre-set number of reservations, they will then halt all production of both kits.

Pre-order or reservation links for each kit are available on the following links:

  • Full Armor Gundam [LINK]
  • Psycho Zaku [LINK]


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