GAMEVIL’s MMORPG Royal Blood Makes Appearance at Unity Conference Unite Europe 2017

GAMEVIL’s ambitious mobile MMORPG Royal Blood makes an appearance at Unite Europe 2017. Unite Europe 2017 is a Unity conference held in Amsterdam. Developers worldwide are invited to show their games (and their development process) in the “Made with Unity” showcase. GAMEVIL previously presented their MMORPG Royal Blood at Unite LA and Unite Seoul. At Unite Europe 2017, GAMEVIL will not only unveil the game’s latest build, but will also have playable demo booths for eager participants to try the game firsthand.

Royal Blood is a massive project for the mobile games company GAMEVIL. The mobile games publisher and developer currently has over a hundred people on the Royal Blood team, and their goal is to bring a PC-caliber MMORPG experience to mobile devices. One of the MMORPG’s highly promoted features is a dynamic open world with live event integration. Players can seamlessly join these events and quest with other players, resulting in a fluid and engaging gameplay experience. Royal Blood will also have large 100:100 RvR Battles (“Realm vs. Realm”) where players can battle on a thrilling stage of size and scope.

Royal Blood won the “Best Graphics Award” at MWU Korea Awards 2017 and attracted a lot of attention during the previous Unity conferences. Royal Blood is slated for a fall release in Korea, while the global version will launch soon afterwards. 

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