Video Footage of Netflix’s CastleVania series leaked online

Written by Louis

July 5, 2017

Quick, watch it before it gets taken down!

The upcoming Western series adaptation to one of gaming’s most beloved and iconic franchises, CastleVania, which will be produced by the video streaming service provider Netflix, may have just made it’s fans a little more excited as clips from what seems to be the show’s pilot episode leaks online just days before Episode 1 airs on the internet.

Taken from what looks to be an exclusive viewing session, the clips were uploaded on YouTube by YouTuber Sariel Dracool who’s YouTube channel is also notably contains nothing but homages to the CastleVania franchise, and shows us the two of the series’ main characters, Trevor Belmont and Lisa Tepes, with a bit of vampire whipping action.

Netflix’s own CastleVania adaptation will be out this coming July 7, 2017 and is directed by Sam Deats, with the story penned by Warren Ellis. The series will be based on the 3rd and final NES installment to the CastleVania video game franchise, CastleVania III: Dracula’s Curse and will star Graham McTavish and Richard Armitage from the The Hobbit movie franchise, and Emily Swallow from Supernatural.

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