REV Major Philippines is What a Major Fighting Game Event Should Look Like

Written by Chad

July 17, 2017


The fighting game community has one of the intense groups in competitive gaming in terms of making a lot of hype, and despite a very dedicated community, the scene never had a proper major standalone event that they really deserve. But looks like all of these have change with the arrival of REV Major.

REV Major is the latest fight game event organized by Playbook Esports; a group known for their video game lounge and book shop in Circuit Makati and Pergola Mall in Paranaque. Playbook is not new in the competitive gaming scene, as they are also one of the active fighting game organizers that have been supporting different fighting game communities since 2014. Some of their notable events include Rage Art for the Tekken 7 console launch, the Console Esports League for a major NBA 2K17 tournament and the Pokemon Go Catch Party.

The event hosted the Tekken World Tour Asia Pacific Leg for the Masters Division, the winner of this leg will be able to compete at Grand Finals in North America. 35 international players from 10 countries such as Japan, North America, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and more participated at REV Major for the spot at the Grand Finals, so the most number of international players to participate in a local fighting game tournament. But the top players in the Philippines won’t let them get the championship that easy as they also competed for the same slot. And it was an intense event, some of the international players bowed down to some of our local elites, though our players did not make it in the Top 8, it was incredible journey for our players as it was a great experience for them to go toe-to-toe with some of the best in the fighting game scene. Aside from the Tekken 7 tournament, there were side tournaments for Street Fighter V, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Injustice 2, Super Smash Bros., Guilty Gear Xrd: REV 2 and King of Fighters XIV to invite the other communities for some competition.

One of the noticeable factors that made REV Major great was the venue, which is held at Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati. The venue is designed to accommodate mini concerts and other stage activities, plus the venue is isolated from outside noise at the Circuit Makati premises, and not to mention a fully functional air conditioning system that keeps the attendees cool even despite the venue was jam packed with people. There were two setups at the venue, on the first day most of the console units are placed in the middle to conduct the pool matches and for the other side tournaments, once the pools have reached the top 4 and top 16 (for Tekken 7), the setup for day two has changed. The console area was reduced and moved to the left side to place bleachers in the middle to accommodate more spectators to watch.

Another positive factor is the livestream, there are two livestream setups at the event with one was primarily for the Tekken World Tour tournament while the other was for the side tournaments. Two casting tables were also set for the livestream; one for the side tournaments placed at the leftmost side and one for the Tekken World Tour tournament located near the stage. The importance for any livestream sessions is the constant broadcast, having long down times are always a disaster in any event that needed online viewership. So far the livestream at REV Major went smoothly as not much downtime had occur, though some issues were encountered for PLDT subscribers where they had difficulty watching the matches. So far the viewership for the REV Major was really high and with very positive feedback.

And finally the event is very welcoming to everyone; whether you are a newcomer to the fighting game community or a veteran Tekken player who wants to jump back to the competitive scene, you don’t feel like an outcast where the scene feels like some exclusive club. Players can just hop in and play during casual sessions or just stay at the event as a spectator. There are separate fees for competing players and spectators and it was reported that in just a few days before the event, all spectator passes are sold out and approximately 200 players have registered for the Tekken 7 tournament.

An event should have an accessible place and a welcoming environment, and not to mention an uninterrupted broadcast for those who cannot make it to the event, and good thing REV Major provided all of these along with a hyped tournament. We hope this will be an inspiration to all the communities to follow the same formula instead of just focusing on just themselves and not being open to anyone new to the scene. After all, a community is all about building, not secluding themselves from society.

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