Mecha Fridays: The Jaegers Are Back For An Uprising

Written by Chad

July 21, 2017

For this episode of Mecha Fridays, it’s all about the Jaeger action figures.

The timing was just right when the first teaser trailer of Pacific Rim Uprising came out, it’s time we focus on the upcoming line of action figures of the movie. Bandai’s Tamashi Nations will be launching a series of Pacific Rim Uprising Robot Spirits action figures, and so far more were confirmed. Gypsy Avenger; the successor to the Gypsy Danger Jaeger of the first Pacific Rim movie, was first revealed a few weeks ago at Japan Expo 2017 and then two new Jaegers Bracer Phoenix and Titan Redeemer were teased that will be part of the series line up. And now two more figures were revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2017, these include Guardian Bravo and Saber Athena. The Robot Spirits action figure line will feature tons of articulation and detailed looks on the mecha figures along with some special gimmicks that showcase the trademark of certain mechas, one example is for the Titan Redeemer that will have a detachable mini figure that looks like a drone and another example is for the Bracer Phoenix where is features a Dramatic Gun Mode where you can swap weapons parts on its back and chest armor.

Aside from the Robot Spirit figures, a plastic model kit was planned for the Uprising movie by Bandai. An HG model kit of Gypsy Avenger was revealed at SDCC 2017, though a bit smaller than the Robot Spirits counterpart, but will feature a lot of articulation that are found in the latest line of Gunpla kits today.

And finally Bandai also announced a Soul of Chogokin release for the movie franchise, but this time for Gypsy Danger from the first movie. The SOC figure made its first appearance in CCG 2017 in Shanghai, China, but now featuring a fully painted look at SDCC 2017 that also showcased some of its accessories from extra hand parts to its sword, Plamacaster and cargo ship. Diamond Select toys has also revealed that they will be releasing a line of toys for the upcoming movie, these include Minimates mini-figures, Vinimates vinyl figures, PVC dioramas, replicas and more.


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The Robot Spirits Pacific Rim Uprising figures will be expected to be available in February 2018 while no release dates were mentioned for the HG model kit and Soul of Chogokin. Meanwhile enjoy watching the teaser trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising while you are at it.


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