Mecha Fridays: So what exactly are Gunpla Cos Heroines?

Written by Louis

July 28, 2017

Waifus, get your new Gunpla Waifus here.

So I’ve been pretty much away from any Gundam, Gunpla, or Mecha related stuff for a few weeks because reasons and opening up my Social Media news feed today, perhaps the darnedest thing for this month happened as I stumbled upon what seems to be a collection of Bandai’s new Gunpla venture involving the main female characters of the Gundam Build Fighters Franchise which can be kinda classified as “MS Girls” only that the kits are a lot more custom built other than slapping a female body inside Gundam mobile suits and calling it a day. Now what was this baffling thing that I stumbled upon, if you’re really asking, is this:

Gunpla Cos Heroines, a collection of 4 non-scale (although roughly the same size as a High Grade) kits modeled by “???” which feature the Hyper Gyan-ko, Winning Fumina, Cnhinyaguy, and Chinnaguy featured by the official Gundam Build Fighters website itself.

Look at these beauties.

Now to be honest, since we are still looking for someone to translate the content of the digital magazine entry for us to fully understand just how or what all of this is supposed to mean, we are initially assuming that this could be a new collection type release wherein you get all 4 kits for a promotional price instead of buying them individually, because they are available individually, well, except for the Chinnyaguy which will be out in the market this October…under the P-Bandai tag.

But we all know that the maid costume and bear paws are enough justification for you to disregard the P-Bandai tag.

The other China Kousaka kit, the Chinnaguy, rolled out TODAY and will bear a price tag of JPY 2,376.

Now I know that we’ve asked, what exactly is this Gunpla Cos Heroines thing? But to be honest, we have next to no idea as to what it really is although we are assuming that it can only be one of the 2 things:

  1. It’s a new Gunpla Collection bundle containing all 4 kits which will be released in the near future.
  2. It’s nothing more than a promotional post for GBF, that’s it.

Honestly though, we are expecting it to be the former knowing that 1 kit is already listed under the P-Bandai tag meaning that getting them might be a pain since you can only grab them online or through re-sellers so having a “Collection” release at least ensures that you’re getting all 4 of them through one, could be slightly tedious, process. There’s also the chance of having a lower, promotional price, should it be released as a collection, which is one of the reason as to why most collectors go for collection releases if they can other than going for individual purchases, plus the chance of having other exclusive add-ons available for collection type releases.

Whatever the reason may be it’s still really refreshing and cute to see all them new Gunpla waifus in one photo.

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