History Con Manila 2017 is Bigger, Bolder and Better, And Here’s Why

Written by Chad

August 9, 2017

A few hours left before the biggest entertainment convention is going to happen, and here’s why you should be excited for.

History Con Manila 2017 features some of the biggest activities for any history buffs and fans of the hit History Channel shows, and there is no stopping them to add more happenings at History Con Manila. The event will be happening on August 10 to 13 at World Trade Center Manila, featuring a large list of celebrities from History Channel’s hit shows as well as from the lifestyle channel FYI, not to mention more guests that will help us learn more about history and breaking records. And not to mention a ton of activities that anyone can join on the spot plus more attractions and over 300 exhibitors for you to check outand have fun.

We list out all the things that you can expect from this epic event:

Celebrity Guests Appearances:

  • History channel
    • Corey Harrison, Pawn Stars
    • ‘Horny’ Mike Henry, Counting Cars
    • Danielle Colby, The Pickers
    • Ryu Lim, Forged In Fire
    • Jaime Dempsey, Ride N’ Seek
    • Justin Mott, Photo Face-Off
    • Phoemela Baranda, Celebrity Car Wars
    • Simon Yin
  • FYI
    • John Weisbarth, Tiny House Nation
    • Zack Giffin, Tiny House Nation
    • Adam Liaw, Destination Flavour
  • Special Guests
    • Jordan Kilganon, Professional Dunker
    • Takeru Kobayashi, Professional Competitive Eater
    • Dr. Ambeth R. Ocampo, the Filipino Historian
    • Dr. Ted Esguerra, Medical Doctor
    • Roland Jay Miguel, Engineer
    • Ram Mallari, Sculptor
    • Barry “Butch” E.Wilmore, (Captain, U.S. Navy) NASA Astronaut
    • Paolo Ollero, Comic Book Enthusiast
    • Robert Rubin, Founder of Mysterium

List of Activities:

  • World records attempt
  • History bee inter-school tournament
  • Airsoft wargames
  • 3 on 3 Retro basketball tournament
  • History con cosplay competition
  • Fyi home & living fair
  • Bike build off
  • Paint ball game
  • Archery attack (tournament)
  • Bubble sport
  • Royal Enfield urban assault
  • Archery attack (range)
  • Laser max
  • Medieval game

How big the event will be? You can check out the event map on all the attractions that you can visit

History Con Manila 2017 tickets are available on all SM Ticket outlets, you can also purchase it online 

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