Our Favorite Games at the PlayStation Experience 2017 SEA

Written by Chad

August 11, 2017

PSX 2017 SEA was a great event, but the games are the biggest highlight for those who attended.

The first PlayStation Experience in Southeast Asia was worth to be experienced, with tons of things to discover from game developers and many ways to win prizes and bring home PlayStation merchandise. But the biggest experience there was trying out the games, with more than dozens of upcoming game titles are on the event as playable demos, it’s not much of a surprise if everyone has their picks for their favorite games. So the RF team have tried out some of the games at PSX SEA for the entire day to find out which games are very promising from their demo versions.


Dragon Ball FighterZ

It may only feature the first six characters that was demo’ed on E3 2017, but the mere fact that we were able to try the game for the first time was still worth it. The control scheme is somewhat similar to those from Guilty Gear games and landing combos is very smooth. The tag feature that we could say inspired from Capcom Vs games really adds a new depth to the game as picking your team can have a great effect on your playstyle. And as far as the visuals are concerned, the decision to follow the art style of Guilty Gear Xrd (cel-shaded anime-like style) was the best choice to make it very accurate to the anime. Too bad Trunks wasn’t included in the demo yet but we are stoked on how fun the system in Dragon Ball FighterZ is and any fans of the DBZ series will definitely get this on their must buy list.


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

The RF team have played the previous PSP versions of the Dissidia games and we were really happy on how the console release (based on the arcade version of course) of the newest Dissidia game turned out. Instead of the usual one-on-one format, the new Dissidia game features a 3-on-3 format that lets you target other players with just a tap of the button, the bravery system from older games returns and included are special EX skills that you can equip before battles. You can defeat the opposing team by depleting their team bar by defeating each of their characters, also you can get aide from your Summon if you managed to fill up your Summon gauge. So far we really enjoyed the transition of the gameplay to the console and we are looking forward to the full version when it is out next year.


Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

One of the few indie games that are included in PSX SEA and the developers behind the game are based on Singapore, which is a major plus for SEA gamers. Masquerada showcases a very familiar gameplay for fans of classic RPGs such as the Baldurs Gate series and latest Pillars of Eternity. Featuring a Victorian-inspired world, the game demo only showcased the combat system and some voiced dialogues to give live to the protagonist featured in the demo. Though it may be a short playthrough, but it gave us some good impressions on how the developers were inspired with the classic tactical gameplay of other RPGs, you can freeze the game and set out commands to your party then unpause to see your commands in action, alternatively you can perform actions in real time and switch between other party members. The actual game is already available on the PSN store for the PS4 so it would be a good idea to check out the game.

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep

One of the games that nobody expected to become a reality, well now it’s real and possibly the successor to the previously promoted Prompto VR game based on the FFXV franchise. Featuring the popular fishing mini game in FFXV, Monster of the Deep puts you in a role of an avatar that puts you in a quest to hunt down some of the ferocious fishes in the world of Eos. Though the demo only showed just a portion of the game, but it gave you an idea on how it can be played, it is best recommended to use the PlayStatio Move controllers to mimic the experience of reeling your fishing rod and pulling it out to catch fishes. And get this, there are certain situations where you will encounter a boss fight and you must use a crossbow to tranquilize the fish boss. The idea of launching a VR fishing game based on FFXV may sound crazy, but once you try the demo, you will definitely going to have a great time and great novelty to add on your collection.


Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Bandai Namco was present at the event to showcase some of its upcoming titles, and we already included Dragon Ball FighterZ on the list, but there’s another game that got our attention. Ni No Kuni II wasn’t new to the gamers as the first game wow’ed the gamers with its Studio Gibli-inspired visuals and a tear-jerking story. Now the second game will feature an entirely different story and characters, and what makes it really interesting aside from the visuals was its gameplay, borrowing some mechanics from the first game such having familiars on your side and adding some new features like having a 3-man party and more responsive commands when you attack. The demo featured a couple of boss fights to give you an idea on how grand the battles are, and so far, we are really impressed.



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