The Finisher: How to Exit form a Startup Business

Written by Jillian

August 11, 2017

Everyone dreams of starting up their own business, however they always tend to stop in the middle of making this dream a reality. Let’s face it, we all know that it is hard to start your very own business why? Common problems are money, location, target market, and many more.

Let me tell you that this people actually took the risk on starting their own business here in our country, the Philippines. Sir Ezrael, the author of the book titled: “The Finisher” discusses about how did these famous sitefounder online was able to exit their business proposals.

Last August 9, 2017 at the FullyBooked branch in Bonifacio High Street in Taguig was his book launch. We were lucky enough to be invited in this book launch which caters to the people who wants to start up a business. From different sites such as ours are there to witness this and we got the chance to have a press conference with the contributors of the said book which are founders of:, chikka, pinoyemail, anino games, and many more. It was a bit new to us since this was a first in being invited in a book launch.

While the press conference is happening, it will make you think how did these gentlemen actually exited their business here in the Philippines so successfully. Many asked such trivial questions from the panel which mostly focuses on the possible failures they have encountered to the drive to make them push this through for them to find a buyer.

What I noticed among all of the guests that night with contributed to the book is that, the drive to actually make this business happen here. Expecting the worst case scenario to happen while thinking of a counter solution to it already. And to actively find a buyer. One of the guest said that it took him 13 years to find a buyer.

We all know as well that here in the Philippines, once someone puts up a unique kind of business, someone will follow suite to it BUT will change it in a mini way only. For example, Miniso PH, Mumuso PH. But what makes them so different from each other? It’s the varieties inside the said shops. Mumuso has a lot to choose from and essentials as well while Miniso is more on the cute and essentials ways of a person’s needs.

Starting up a business is hard indeed and it will take much time to deliberate if it worth the risk. The dedication is making your dream or goal a reality. Let’s face it, everyone wants to have or own a business of their own in many ways like a café, a dog shop, restaurant, gaming lounge and many more. This book would actually inspire you on achieving your dream or goal. They give insights on what made them push through and took the risk.

So if you are planning to put up a business, go do it. Make that business proposal, consult business majors about your proposal, find a buyer, or go check out locations that will suit your target market, budget wise for costings, and maybe your business will reach like these fine gentlemen or be a “to go to place” for the public.


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