Jin (Behind Infinity) on Cosplaying, Overwatch and experiencing APCC.

Written by Louis

August 23, 2017

Local cosplay celebrity artist Jin share her thoughts and her love for cosplay.

Asia Pop Comicon Manila 2017 is just around the corner but before day 1 of the Philippines’ biggest Pop Culture Convention we got the chance to have a quick talk with some of the highlighted guests, one of which is the Philippines’ very own Jin, otherwise known as Jin (Behind Infinity), as she shares how she started her cosplay career and her very own APCC Celebrity wishlist!

Jin (Behind Infinity) cosplaying as Noctis from FFXV

Obviously showing her love for cosplay as she sports what seems to be the Persona 5 look, Jin states that she joined the world of cosplay first by searching for images of Final Fantasy VII characters and being amazed when she saw people dressed as characters popping up on the search results enough for her to try it on her own and dragging some of her friends along the way. Jin also adds that she didn’t even knew that it was a thing back then and that it was cool as to how people express their love for a game, or anime, or series by wearing character costumes and taking photos while doing it.

Being part of Tux Team, Jin also states that she prefers group cosplay shoots more than solo cosplay shoots, saying that the “experience so much memorable” when shared with fellow cosplayer friends.

Jin (Behind Infinity) together with the rest of the TuxTeam squad cosplaying as Final Fantasy XV characters in My Chemical Romance costumes.

But, having recently focused more on the Final Fantasy series for gaming, although she did cosplay as Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series, we did ask if she was planning to do Cosplay Photoshoots for other games, well Jin is definitely preparing something for her fans as she reveals that an Overwatch cosplay shoot is in the works although it might take a while since Jin and her fellow cosplay friends “love the Overwatch character designs so much that it’s taking us a long time to put everything together“.

Now with APCC Manila 2017 getting bigger and better each year, especially when it comes to guests, JinBehindInfinity, despite being a guest herself, will not be without her own APCC guest wishlist with her choice for celebrity invite being none other than Matthew Mercer, the voice behind Overwatch’s McCree and the English voice behind Jotaro Kujo of the ever immortal Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure anime series, and why not? With his portfolio, Matthew Mercer is definitely a good mix of both the Eastern and Western pop cultures.

Apart from her love for Cosplay, Jin also shares a bit of her thoughts about Asia Pop Comic Con Manila calling it as her new favorite local con, especially with the recent move of the organizers to invite and even highlighting local artists such as herself, and saying that it has a lot to offer con-viewers.

The guy even does cosplay!

Catch JinBehindInfinity as she graces the cosplay halls of AsiaPop ComiCon Manila 2017 this coming Aug 25-27, 2017  in SMX Convention Center, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

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