Mecha Fridays: Robots, Samurais and Pinoy Toy Designer Quiccs’ Bulletpunk

Written by Louis

August 25, 2017

Are you ready for some Bulletpunk love?

Samurais, Robots and Hip-hop might feel like a very uncanny combination but that doesn’t stop Filipino custom toy creator Quiccs Maiquez, or simply known as Quiccs, from using those 3 references as his main inspiration for his own toy line nicknamed Bulletpunk.

Themed around Hip-hop fashion wearing lads wearing mecha masks, Quiccs describes the Bulletpunk Universe as a”post apocalyptic world where people, deprived of information believes that the pop culture references in what was left of recorded history (i.e. Star Wars, Gundam) actually happened” which then led to these post-apocalypse survivors to wear them as prized trophies by way of headgear.

TEQ63’s headgear is even actually inspired by the titular Gundam Mobile Suit, RX 78-2.

But what’s with all the mecha references? Well according to Quiccs, most of his Japanese culture love is towards popular mecha series from the 80s and the 90s, namely Voltes V, Patlabor, Neon Genesis Evangelion and of course, Mobile Suit Gundam, and he even adds that he feels an emotional connection to the 80s cartoon series Vehicle Force Voltron.

Now since we’re talking about mechs, I know everyone would then ask “Why go for vinyl toys instead of model kits?” in which Quiccs responds that perhaps model kits may not be the best path that the Bulletpunk universe would take when it comes to the toyline with the added fashion textures, particularly to the hoodies and the sneakers that TEQ63 loves to wear, making it tricky to build should it become a model kit line. Although that limitation didn’t stop the collaboration between Quiccs and 1000 Toys in the creation of Zamoranos, a mecha unit designed to be piloted by TEQ63.

Even with his newfound status, having been already recognized enough to warrant a guesting on big pop culture cons and spreading the Bulletpunk love on a worldwide scale, Quiccs states that the journey is never easy for any aspiring Pinoy toy designer and his main advice is for everyone to stay true to their craft, and don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in the works of others while at the same time working on being unique in their own way. Quiccs also adds that one should never pursue their toymaking careers just for the money, but instead stay dedicated to whatever they represent before thinking about the profit.

Quiccs and his Bulletpunk line will be at Asia Pop Comic Con Manila 2017 this Aug 25 – 27, 2017, at the Creative Circle.

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