Check out the Awesome Booths at AsiaPop ComiCon Manila 2017

Written by Chad

August 26, 2017

Here are the best booths that we found at the biggest pop culture event.

We were at first day of AsiaPop ComiCon Manila 2017 to check out what’s happening inside, and so far it did not disappoint us as the major sponsors of the event showcased their best booths and attractions. We list out some of our favorites in particular order.


The biggest booth inside APCC, and there is a reason for its sheer size, as it highlights some of its latest series in the best way possible. When you walk inside the area, you will be greeted in a makeshift alley of Hell’s Kitchen from Marvel’s The Defenders and each of the rooms are also themed from their respective series, such as Riverdale’s Pop’s Choklit Shop where you can dine and have some free milkshakes, The famous living room from Stranger Things up to the prison cell from Orange is the New Black. At one corner you can even try out the Death Note VR game to end your tour, and the best part is that you can interact with the booths as it’s like you ware warped into their worlds.

Sky Cable

The biggest cable networks won’t slip this opportunity to showcase their biggest shows. And this time they are featuring HBO’s Game of Thrones as their theme complete with a replica of the Iron Throne where anyone can sit and take a photo.

Magic: The Gathering

If you saw the large area with tables filled with players having a card game session, that’s the Magic: The Gathering area where you can try out the game for free. The staff are kind enough to teach you the basics of the game and if you managed to complete a match, you can bring home the starter deck that you use. You can also purchase some booster packs at the booth if you want to invest more on the game.


Their booth may not be big like some of the big brands at the event, but you will be spending much of your time here trying out some of their newest products. Just like in the MTG booth, the staff will teach you the basics of the game and if you like what you tried, you can purchase them on the spot.


Just like last year, their main highlight is The Walking Dead, with the matching post-apocalyptic setup and an interactive escape room. People can participate at the booth and see if they can survive the challenge where the booth will have zombies chasing after you.


They featured their upcoming Tabi Po series from their Sari Sari Network channel as their themed booth. You can easily spot their booth thanks to the tall Balete tree as their display. Tabi Po is based on the comic book of the same name created by Mervin Malonzo.


One of the unique attractions that you won’t always see in a pop culture event is a wrestling ring, and the folks at Philippine Wrestling Revolution delivers a whole weekend of wrestling action. And boy they sure do know how to hype a crowd with their insane characters and performance.

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