The Division receives free DLC update named “Resistance”

Written by Louis

September 7, 2017

Woo-hoo, free stuff!

New content arrives for Ubisoft’s The Division as a new update named “The Resistance” arrives this fall bringing new game modes and expanding the game’s map.

Introducing new Player versus Enemy and Player versus Player modes, The Division’s Resistance update expands on the multiplayer experience with team versus team matchups, namely the Resistance mode and the Skirmish mode. In the Resistance mode, players from different factions team up to fight against waves of AI controlled enemies, Division agents who continuously spawn for as long as the players survive. On Skirmish, 2 teams of 4 players compete in a Team Deathmatch setup, with the team to earn the highest points via eliminations to win the battle.

A new location, the West Side Pier, will also further expand the game’s world together with a new social hub, Camp Clinton wherein players can group up, setup their gear and prepare themselves before taking on the waterfront.

The Division’s Resistance update will be hitting the servers this Fall 2017.


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