Sony PlayStation’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 Presentation: A Breakdown

Written by Allen

September 20, 2017

Hello everyone, so if you’re one of the gamers who owns a PlayStation 4, which is what a lot of us are here in the Philippines, you’re definitely looking forward to the Tokyo Game Show feature from Sony PlayStation. It easily rivals the reveals of E3, especially for those who play titles that originate from Japan.

We’ve gone ahead and reviewed the video with an English translator speaking through the presentation, and below is our little guide for what we saw, complete with time stamps in cases you want to jump straight in to that trailer. What title are you looking forward to or which are you despairing over as some of them probably won’t even be localized?

Time Event Remarks
~16:00 Start of Presentation Review of PlayStation’s recent performance and upcoming hardware releases
18:20 Upcoming Games Announcing Games that already have a release date
18:40 CoD WW2 2017-11-3

You want to see Westerners fight a war while speaking Japanese?

19:50 Ni No Kuni 2 2018-1-19
21:14 Earth Defense Forces 5 2017-12-07
22:00 Red Dead Redemption 2 2018
23:47 Dynasty Warriors 9 Early 2018
25:26 Minecraft Story Mode 2 2017-10-12
27:47 Dissidia Final Fantasy NT 2018-1-11

Noctis Confirmed

29:43 Shadow of the Colossus 2018
31:11 Dragon’s Crown PRO 2018-1-25

Crossplay between PSV, PS4 and PS4 confirmed

32:31 Final Fantasy 9 Available Now
33:41 Otomate Feature (No translation available, 4 titles mentioned)
35:06 IdolM@ster Stella Stage 2017-12-21

Don’t think there’ll be an English version

36:09 Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 2018

Roaming around as pilots now a thing

Space missions teased

37:30 PlayStation VR Feature 2017-10-14

New Sony VR PS4 bundle

Promises of more VR Supported games

41:15 Park Some sort of mix between Jurassic Park and Evolve
42:37 GunGrave Soon 2017

VR Game

43:37 A-Train Exp. Express Edition VR Game

Really not surprising for JP to have a train simulator

44:35 Zone of the Enders Anubis Mars Spring 2018

VR Game

44:54 Neko Atsume 2018

VR Game

46:21 VR Music Festival 2017-9-20

Seems to be a concert feature of popular game music available through PSN for PS+ subscribers

49:43 Hidden Agenda 2017

A cinematic game for parties? A maximum of 6 players can participate through PlayLink, where each can influence how a game proceeds.

51:34 Animax on PlayStation 2017-12
52:55 (Some feature with a hairball) No translation Available
54:04 Fist of the North Star 2018-2-22

Please please please release in English too

Kenshiro as a bar tender

I want him to say “You’re already drunk”

55:45 Earth Defense Force Iron Rain 2018
57:00 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim 2018

Vanillaware and with High School and Mecha? I’m in.

Also on PSV

58:59 Detroit Become Human 2018
1:00:54  To Aru No Majutsu no Virtual On 2018-2-15

Also on PSV

1:02:17 Left Alive 2018
1:03:48 Monster Hunter World New Monster Featured

Game Packages Promoted (Collector’s edition, figurines, etc)

Themed Special Edition PS4 revealed

1:15:30 PlayStation Festival Schedule Three dates shown for three different districts
1:18:00 PlayStation TVC Feature “We can do it”

You’ll want to watch this.

1:19:35 (Conference Ended)

Note that all release dates shown are pertaining to Japanese release dates, meaning they may have different release schedules for English versions and other titles may not be slated for an English release.

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