Check Out the Merchandises at Tokyo Game Show 2017

Written by Chad

September 22, 2017

Green curries, retro shirts, anime keychains. You name it, they have it at the event.

At Tokyo Game Show, it’s not all about the newest game announcements or the spectacular booths and their booth babes, but there are tons of merchandise that attendees can look forward to, may it be gaming shirts, magnets, keychains, phone charms, action figures and even themed snacks. So here are some of the merchandise booths at the event.

Square Enix

Aside from the series of display cases showcasing some of the current and upcoming line of figures (like the Bring Arts 2B figure and the new Wander Arts Front Mission figures), there are also some cool merch from their popular franchises such as the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. And whenever you head to their booth, you will be given a slip where you can fill out our orders by putting the item number and quantity and present it to the cashier. Also be on the lookout for any exclusive TGS items which you can find on the purchase slip.


Sega wouldn’t let themselves be left behind in terms of awesome goodies. Aside from Sonic the Hedgehog items, you can spot some Yazuka items from mugs, shirts and more, and MMO fans of the Phantasy Star Online 2 game can purchase some cool items at the booth. Atlus fans can also purchase Persona items from business card holders to printed duct tapes.


There are three things to attract any gamers to Capcom’s merch area; Mega Man, Monster Hunter and Resident Evil. They got a lot in stock at their merch area, from acrylic keychains, themed thermos bottles, mugs and even curry, yep you can bring home a green colored curry. There are also a series of snacks that you can buy as a souvenir and don’t forget to grab a free Monster Hunter fan when you exit the booth.

Koei Tecmo

Koei Tecmo isn’t just about Dynasty Warriors, they also feature other popular games such as Attack on Titan, Samurai Warriors, Atelier series and Dead or Alive. So expect some themed shirts, accessories and even a dakimakura pillow.


Japanese clothing company Cospa features more of their shirts based on popular game franchises, and they also added some merchandise from anime series like full body costumes and masks.


But hold on, there are more booths from different publishers and games that can suck out your wallet dry, but since you already flew a hundred miles to this event, so why the heck not. You can see more merchs from other publishers such as Spike Chunsoft, Arc System Works and Western games such as Minecraft and Overwatch. If you are a fighting game fan and into arcade sticks, Sanwa is there to sell some of their fight stick parts such as buttons and joysticks that will suit your taste. Don’t forget that they also have official Tokyo Game Show merchandise that you can purchase at the merchandise area or at the main entrance.

Tokyo Game Show will be open to the public on September 23 and 24, 2017 at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan.


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