Surviving Tokyo Game Show 2017

Written by Chad

September 23, 2017


Like in all events, exploring a big convention is always a chore, so here’s how to survive one of the biggest gaming convention in the world.

Being a first timer at Tokyo Game Show was one heck of an experience, and it was an incredible journey. And doing that journey means learning a thing or two on exploring the whole event, as you need to be prepared when going to major conventions with a large-scale venue. So to give you some advice to survive this year’s Tokyo Game Show, we provided some list of things that you need to remember.

Plan out your activities

With a big event, there will tons of happenings for the entire weekend. From stage performances, gameplay demos, esports competitions and many more. So charging to an event unprepared will just waste you precious time that could have been used for other things. So be sure to check the official website for the event map (you can check it here), the list of exhibitors along with its list of games and other event activities so you could prepare a list of things to do inside Tokyo Game Show. And remember, the event closes at 5:00 PM, so make it worth to complete as much activities as possible.


Get an event map

There will be event maps being given away to attendees, so be sure to carry it with yours the whole time. And with a really large venue, it will take you almost the entire day exploring the booths. So make sure to review the location of the booths that you want to visit and prepare routes to help you navigate around the venue faster.


Wear a pair of running shoes or any comfy shoes

Exploring the Makuhari Messe is no joke, as you will be walking the whole time crossing to different exhibit halls, and the venue has 12 of them and not counting the food court area situated inside the sports stadium. So having comfortable shoes will lessen the pain on your feet especially you will be walking the whole time.



‘Sumimasen’ and ‘Arigato’ will be your keywords

In Japan, everyone is polite, even just asking questions the Japanese are so polite. So be sure to remember these words when you visit Tokyo Game Show, but this manner also applies even out the event. So be sure to say ‘sumimasen’ when asking and say ‘arigato’ to say thank you. Who knows, you might end up meeting new friends when are so polite at random con-goers.


Ask permission when taking photos

Though a common thing even to our local conventions, but still a must practice whenever you go. Be sure to ask before taking someone a picture or some certain objects displayed at the booth. You don’t need to learn specific word just for asking permissions, just wave your hand at them and point your camera to give them the idea that you want to take pictures of them. And don’t forget to say thank you even if you managed to take a photo or not.

Head to the merchandise area first if you plan to buy

The biggest problem when going to conventions is missing out an exclusive item on sale. So if you have plans to buy something, then you should go to the merchandise area first. Explore that area and you can browse through their shop catalogs, and if you find something that fancies you, buy it as early as possible. Also it’s highly recommended that you bring your credit card at all times just for emergency purposes.

Play all the games for rewards

Playing all of the different game demos is already rewarding, but getting freebies for completing your play demo is a lot better. Make sure to fall in line and have enough patience to wait for your turn as waiting for your turn can take more than an hour, and in most cases, you can bring home additional goodies for trying out their games. So make sure you try all of the demo games whenever possible.


Have a lot of patience

For an event to have more than 200 thousand attendees annually, it’s no surprise to see long queue lines for the entrance or even on game demos. So be sure to be patient enough to wait, as it lessens the tension to other people whenever you brave the long lines or a flock of fan boys being rowdy at your spot.

So we hope that you take note of our tips and we wish you all good luck and have fun at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. TGS 2017 is opening their public day today at the Makuhari Messe and will end at Sunday, September 24, 2017.

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