Overwatch League’s First Team will be Shanghai Dragons

Blizzard Entertainment is proud to reveal their first team for the upcoming Overwatch League: the Shanghai Dragons! The dragon and the color red were chosen as themes in the team’s logo because they resonate with Chinese culture and history. Congratulations to team owner Netease and the Overwatch League Shanghai Dragons!

The Shanghai Dragons will represent their home country on the global esports stage by demonstrating courage and a spirit of teamwork. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes the spirit of that which is sacred, powerful, and supreme. The Shanghai Dragons’ logo combines the team’s name and a dragon figure to call upon the history of this symbol. The letter S outlined by the body of the dragon represents Shanghai, and the smooth line design is a nod to the strategic skill and flexibility of the team. Furthermore, red is present as a theme color for the Shanghai Dragons’ logo in order to emphasize its Chinese connection.


The Overwatch League is a pro esports league for the online FPS game Overwatch where it will use a permanent line of professional teams from different country to participate in league placements found in major sports leagues such as the NBA and NFL. The Overwatch League was revealed at Blizzcon 2016 and it is expected to launch its first season on January to June 2018.

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