Check out the Epic Booths at Tokyo Game Show 2017

Written by Chad

October 2, 2017

It’s one of the best highlight in the event and it has tons of activities in each booth.

Tokyo Game Show has tons of booths from its exhibitors, with over 500 booths available at the event, one day is just not enough for everyone to check out each of them. And with hundreds of thousands of gamers attend the gigantic event, the exhibitors really need to set up a really impressive booth to attract more people to their games, and looks like some them really stand out. So we picked some of the best booths at TGS 2017 and showcased some of their main attractions.

PlayStation booth

PlayStation’s booth isn’t that hard to miss when you enter the event area, the long stretched booth with a glowing PlayStation logo is enough to tell you whose booth this is. You will be able to try out some of the upcoming titles from third party publishers, on one end of the booth, there is the Monster Hunter World section where attendees can line up to try out the game and even perform a co-op mission with other attendees. There is also a photo booth section with a fire pit where you can recreate the Monster Hunter scene when cooking meat. On the opposite is where the Gran Turismo Sport is located, complete with racing setup on each console. In the middle there is a display booth that has moving mannequins that act as androids for sale as part of the promotion for the Detroit: Become Human game. Several PlayStation titles are also playable inside that fans can also fall in line to try it out.

Koei Tecmo booth

The large curved LED screen is one of the landmarks on spotting the Koei Tecmo booth. In one side you can spot the Fire Emblem Warriors section where people line up to try out the upcoming Nintendo Switch game. On the opposite side they can try out Dynasty Warriors 8, then on the middle is the stage area where scheduled stage activities were shown that ranges from let’s play sessions to developer interviews to new game announcements.

Bandai Namco Booth

Bandai Namco focuses on both their mobile and console titles for their booth. In one side, you can try out some of their upcoming titles such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and on the other side are attractions that are focused on their current line of mobile game titles. Then in the middle of their booth is where their main stage is set, there all of the major announcements for their upcoming titles were reveal as well as some special activities for the audience.

Capcom booth

The biggest attraction on the Capcom booth is obviously the Monster Hunter World themed-setup. In one corner you can see the massive statue where attendees can take a photo of a cosplay model while beside the massive monster statue. Then inside is staged with a jungle themed look where there are terminals for a game demo of the Monster Hunter World where anyone can try out the game. On the opposite side of the booth, there is the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite section where fans can play with other players that are trying the game, and behind the booth are mini side attractions for Resident Evil 7 (or Biohazard 7 in Japan) where fans can take photos with props and models and even participate in some mini games.

Sega booth

There are several games being showcased at the Sega booth, but their main attraction is the new Yakuza Kiwami 2, Yakuza Online and Fist of the North Star game, a mini theater can be found on the corner of the booth where it plays some of the new trailers for Yakuza Kiwami 2. There are some life size statues on display beside the lovely models for a series of photo ops. Then inside you can try out the upcoming game titles from Sega ranging from Dragon’s Crown Pro, Sonic Forces and more. There is also a statue of the mech from the upcoming 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim on display, behind the booth lies more game demos that fans can fall in line to try them out, and each of the sections feature a cosplayer that will assist and entertain you while you wait.

Square Enix booth

One of the biggest gaming booth aside from PlayStation, Square Enix even features two separate booths that are facing each other. On the main booth, it features the Japan-only Itadaki Street party game in one side, then on the middle is the stage and play area for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Final Fantasy XV’s multiplayer DLC where fans can even watch the matches. Going to the back side features the Final Fantasy XIV section where players can participate in a series of activities, at the back portion features the international partner games that are under the Square Enix line, and on the other corner it features a large Rabite plushie from the Secret of Mana that anyone can take a photo with. On the opposite booth it features the Final Fantasy XV A New Empire with matching stage setup that includes a Titan statue glaring at the stage. There are several gashapon machines placed at the area where attendees can participate on picking gashapon capsules when they have the mobile game installed on their smart phone.


There are more great booths that we found at the event. These ranges from mobile games, VR games, merchandises, gaming schools and more.

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