Street Fighter V Arcade Edition Announced

Written by Allen

October 5, 2017

Capcom has just announced that they’ll be releasing an Arcade Edition of Street Fighter V at the start of 2018.

Those who already own a copy of Street Fighter V will be receiving this as a huge update or patch. Which in a sense allows Capcom to keep its promise to earlier purchasers of the title that they will not be forced to buy a ‘new edition’ of the game to keep playing the updated version. It aims to include features other players may have been searching for aside from the core functions of fighting games.


So far the biggest part of the announcement is the arrival of two new game modes and a new V Trigger (V Trigger 2) for all characters. The first game mode being Extra Battle, where you fight special or buffed enemies. The other would be Arcade Mode, allowing you to play older arcade formats of Street Figther through it’s latest engine. To be clear, it doesn’t appear to be adding older titles to be playable, but rather just programmed into SFV. Developers are also trying to add a new dimension of play for each character by adding a new V Trigger that can be chosen during character select, similar to how Ultras were picked in SF4.

Whether or not Arcade Mode will be playing with the mechanics and physics of its predecessors is left unclear.

Season 1 and  2 DLC characters will be included for free for those buying the Arcade Edition. This also suggests that Season 3 DLC characters are already planned.

Check out the full announcement at their site.


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