New Deemo Title for PS4 and PSVR in the Works

Written by Allen

October 17, 2017

Rayark Games have announced today (17th) that they are working on a new title, 《DEEMO -Reborn-》 (Temporary Title), for Sony’s PlayStation®4 console and it will support PlayStation®VR. Published by UNTIES, the game publishing business department under Sony Music Entertainment, players will experience Rayark’s latest title on a high-spec console.

Today, SME announce the establishment of its game publishing business department UNTIES, a platform for game publishing and releases. As one of SME’s major partners, Rayark Games also announced that they will be publishing the PS4 console title《DEEMO -Reborn-》 through the UNTIES platform and the game will support PS VR.

According to the officials, Rayark’s latest next-gen game will have the highest quality in terms of gameplay and graphics. While that has proven to be quite challenging for the development team, the team expects the players to have a brand-new experience that is unimaginable on a mobile device.

This is Rayark’s first attempt at a next-gen console game. In addition to the TV mode, the game will also support VR mode. The VR mode will give the players an immersive experience of the game’s scenery. In addition to having a panoramic view while playing each song, the mesmerizing piano room, antique library and even small details like the crinkle of the clothes and the ripple of the water will all be there for the players to soak in for themselves.

The music rhythm game《DEEMO》has amassed over 20 million downloads worldwide in the four years since its inception. The game was ported to Sony’s PlayStation®Vita under the name《DEEMO~The Last Recital~》.This collaboration experience, along with the dedication to the gaming and music industry on both sides, encourages players to expect great things from the upcoming《DEEMO -Reborn-》.



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