Webzen’s MU Collaborates with global fashion brand Tokidoki

Webzen has announced that it will unveil the new IP character products at Asia’s largest B2B licensing exhibition.

Webzen will be revealing diverse franchise ‘MU’ IP based collaboration characters at “China Licensing Expo 2017” held in Shanghai China, starting today. (October 18th)

Especially, Webzen will be unveiling the latest collaboration character ‘tokidoki X MU (Project name)’ for the first time to the public. ‘tokidoki X MU’ is a reinterpretation of MU IP by the co-founder of tokidoki and internationally renowned Italian artist, Simone Legno.  Tokidoki’s previous game IP collaborations were with ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Street Fighter’.  The collaboration with ‘MU’ will be the fourth of a kind from the gaming industry.

Webzen and tokidoki plan to use tokidoki X MU characters in major business sectors such as Fashion, Art toy figures, and other merchandise products. They will continuously work together to develop new business models utilizing this new character. Charactopia Licensing Limited, a licensing unit privately held under Fung Group whose core businesses include Li & Fung Limited, will be responsible for ‘tokidoki X MU’s licensing business in Greater China Region and Korea.

Also, Webzen is working together with ‘Funi’ for ’Chewhams X MU’ character business.

Chewyhams emoticon sticker recorded over 100 million downloads via WeChat globally.

Through diverse collaboration projects Webzen constantly seeks various ways to not only promote MU IP, but also to improve public’s perspective towards game culture.

For more information on Webzen’s games, interested players are invited to check out WEBZEN’s official website at: www.webzen.com.

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