Full Metal Panic! receives a video game adaptation for the PlayStation 4

Well it’s about time.

The popular light novel and anime series Full Metal Panic! is bound to receive what may be its first stand-alone video game adaptation, titled Full Metal Panic! Fight Who Dares Wins. Slated for the PS4, the trailer from Bandai Namco Entertainment gives us a pretty good look at how the gameplay would feel like.

Based on the video, FMP: Fight Who Dares Wins gameplay looks eerily similar to the Front Mission series, with hints of turn-based action between the forces of Mithril and Amalgam. Full Metal Panic: Fight Who Dares Wins will be available for the PS4 in Japan this coming 2018, an International release is nowhere to be found just yet although it is interesting to note that the trailer previewed about did utilize the English language for the voice over narration.

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