Shoji Kawamori’s new anime project looks like a darker version of Eureka Seven

Written by Louis

October 24, 2017

The Macross creator is back with another potential sci-fi mecha hit.

Shoji Kawamori, the man behind the iconic Macross franchise unveils his newest project earlier this week with a teaser for what may be an anime series titled Juushinki Pandora (Heavy Sacred Device Pandora). Set to premiere this coming Spring of 2018, Juushinki Pandora will tell the tale of  surrogate siblings Leon Lau and Chloe Lau as they try to survive the harsh landscape of a post-apocalyptic Earth while combating the B.R.A.I. which is described to be organisms that are part organic and part mechanical.

The main mecha design really reminds us of Eureka Seven’s LFO’s and could be Kawamori’s homage to Eureka Seven itself given that he was appointed as the series main mecha designer when the series first aired back in 2005. Juushinki Pandora will be co-directed by Hidekazu Sato, which also worked with Shoji Kawamori for the Aquarion and Macross franchise, and will be animated by SATELIGHT.


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