PlayStation’s Paris Games Week spot is giving you more reasons to get a PS4

Written by Louis

October 31, 2017

Just in case you don’t have one yet.

Sony continues to exercise their dominance over the Console field (for now?) as it peppers the audience and its fans with new trailers to hype up some of their upcoming titles at the Paris Games Week.

Ranging from already announced games to new ones, particularly for the PlayStation VR, Sony’s PlayStation brand continues to lay down its pipeline of game releases, perhaps up until the 2018-2019 when the rumored next generation of the PlayStation is said to be revealed.

Starting off their show, or pre-show, with a bunch of PSVR title trailers, Sony proves to be hell-bent in pushing the Virtual Reality experience forward in the console department, with the development and hype toning down significantly on the PC field, and is looking to publish not just one but as least 5 Virtual Reality titles for the coming year or so, complete with some follow-up footage for a spin-off VR experience for Final Fantasy XV centered around fishing.

But perhaps what really continues the PS4 hype is the introduction of new trailers for the console’s most anticipated titles, some of which have already been revealed over the course of the last year or so, featuring gritty scenes, introducing new gameplay mechanics, and setting up storylines.

For instance, the follow up footage for The Last of Us II, which was first officially unveiled back in Dec of 2016, gives us a brutal cutscene involving escape and murder, complete with hammers, arrows, and hatchets.

Together with the Last of Us sequel, another sequel is also getting a follow-up footage, this time focusing more on the combat mechanics and the deep relation between the God-slayer Kratos, and his son, in the new God of War PGW 2017 preview. The footage gives us a good look about the combat interaction with his son, Atreus, complete with some lovely axe-swinging action.

But perhaps the most exciting part of the PlayStation 4 Paris Games Week spot is the beautifully rendered environment showcase of SCE Japan Studio’s remake of the Team Ico classic, Shadow of the Colossus, which teaser is described to be captured using the PS4 Pro engine and is fully appreciated when viewed in 4K resolution. Sadly though, even if it did take us through the journey of Wander and Mono, it did not tease just even one colossi, although it did help set up the story and awaken the spirit of nostalgia within the fans of this modern classic.

The Paris Games Week will run from the Nov 1st up until the 5th so we are expecting a lot more reveals, not only from Sony and the PlayStation but also for other platforms as the event progresses.


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