PH Welcomes Ragnarok Journey with a Grand Party

Written by Allen

November 13, 2017

Rak’s not dead, apparently, as Gravity Co. Ltd. presents us with yet a revamp of good old Ragnarok Online which they call Ragnarok Journey.

This time, our 15 year old MMORPG presents itself as a browser based game, making it only necessary to have an updated, compatible browser to play the game. No need to download large files, go through a tedious installation process, or even patch the game. If your PC can run the internet browser it needs and a sufficient internet connection, then the game is entirely playable.

The biggest feature boasted by this Ragnarok Journey is what they call ‘Auto-Play’ where your avatar can be controlled by an AI assisted tool to manage the more menial tasks of Ragnarok Online; making it more similar to mobile games who have automated features to simplify play. In fact it seems possible that your character(s) will continue to grind while you’re offline.

So far, the provided details are the following:

  • It has ‘Auto-Play’ which you can turn on or off, and will automatically kill monsters and gather loot for you.
  • Basic job classes are still available which can later be upgraded to their next class.
  • A noticeably different UI more geared towards AFK levelling and resource management
  • Repeatable quests are available for efficient levelling and regular rewards.

To commemorate this launch of Ragnarok Journey, fans of this title as well as all sorts of gamers were invited to attend their free admission launch event at Glorietta 2 in Makati last November 12, 2017. Featuring local the bands Gracenote and 6Cyclemind to rock the stage. It was also hosted by talents from GMA, bringing in Arianne Bautista and Betong Sumaya. Several online personalities were brought to the stage as well to share a good time for their attending audience.

Various freebies both as merchandise and in-game items were also available for grabs by anyone who attended. There were also raffled off prizes such as a PC you can play Ragnarok Journey with, some gaming Peripherals from Red Dragon, an ASUS Republic of Gamers laptop, and even a brand new motorbike which was a shock for most of us.

There were also cosplayers to take pictures with and even a cosplay competition which had entries that exceeded expectations of many onlookers.

Ragnarok Journey for PH is expected to go live any time this week, to look up details and updates regarding this title, you can go ahead and visit their official facebook page with the link below:

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