Fantasy War Tactics-R Celebrates its Second Anniversary

Nexon kicks-off the festivities with a content-packed anniversary update available today for new and returning players to download from Google Play and the App Store. The anniversary update offers double the fun with a gorgeous new area to explore, mighty new heroes to battle, and fashionable costumes to wear for the server-wide Grand Festival!

The party for Fantasy War Tactics-R begins in the Special Shop, where players can purchase rare and useful items for reduced prices through the month of November. Players can also compete in the Server Grand Festival, where each of the game’s four regional servers (Korea, Asia, Pioneer and Global) will go head-to-head in a fierce struggle to determine a champion based on cumulative player Lost Island Clear Counts, Expedition Counts, Battle of Honor Clear Counts, Guild Raids and World Conquests. Players will also receive incredible rewards daily for a select time. Daily rewards include:

  • Awakening Ticket x1
  • Crystals x500
  • Perfect Genes x500
  • ★5 Set Equipment Selection Ticket x1
  • Soul Gear Summon Scrolls x2
  • Universal Transcendence Ticket x1
  • Universal Conversion Ticket x1
  • ★6 Set Equipment Selection Ticket x1


Players will participate in weekly events through November, where Chris’ new costume and ★6 Equipment Piece Selection Ticket x3 will be gifted for a limited time on specific days.

Sign-in today to collect valuable items, earn points for your region, and party with the masses! 

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