Takara Reveals a Bizarre Transformers x Street Fighter II Set

Written by Chad

November 22, 2017


And these limited edition Transformers figures come in two-pack bundles.

Japanese toy maker Takara was revealed to be launching a limited edition Transformers toys in collaboration with Capcom’s Street Fighter II game franchise. The reveal was found from a magazine scan of a popular Japanese toy/hobby magazine that shows the newest collaboration project.

The Transformers x Street Fighter II figures will be available on May of 2018 as two-pack releases, these figures will be based on the current Titans Returns toyline. The two-pack set will feature Ryu (Leader class Titans Return Optimus Prime/Octane mold) with M.Bison or Vega in Japan (Leader class Titans Return Megatron/Blitzwing mold) and Ken (Deluxe class Titans Return Hot Rod) with Chun-Li (Deluxe class TF Generations Arcee). All of the Street Fighter II characters will done their classic color scheme on the Transformers figures, each Transformer will feature a transformable head (with the exception of Arcee) that also has a resemblance to the Street Fighter II characters.

The Leader class set will be priced at 12,960 Yen and the Deluxe class set at 8,640 Yen. No info yet if the set will be available on retail or as an online store exclusive, but a link to the Takara Tomy Mall site can be found on the magazine scan hinting that it could be available for preorders. We will be able to get more updates in the coming weeks on how to get your own copies.

The Street Fighter II franchise had it fair share of bizarre collaborations with other toy lines; one of them include the mid 90’s Hasbro GI Joe collaboration.

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